Myanmar Airport Taxi

Burma airport taxi

Hello, I plan to fly to Myanmar and land at Mandalay airport. Swe Myanmar Mandalay Airport Taxi Service has updated its cover. What is the cost of a taxi from Yangon International Airport, Mingaladon Township, Yangon Region, Myanmar (Burma) in Sydney, NSW, Australia? This is Shwe Nan San Mandalay airport taxi is in Myanmar, Mandalay. Advice on using airport taxis in Myanmar.

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All of them were quote by the hotel, so not sure if a taxi is less expensive? $10 from Yangon, 5000k yat per passenger for a stock taxi (van) from Mandalay, $10 or less for Bagan. Simply get a taxi on your way in, these quotations are laughably exaggerated! totally acceptable, enormously exaggerated.

I just got the free Air Asia Coach. Is this price per passenger or for the taxi itself? What is the take-off speed for the Air Asia service after alighting? Have I had enough free cash? Is there a stop in several places or is there only one stop in the town?

By taxi. Air Asia is free, so if you' re in a hurry, you can exchange cash in the city centre. At Mandalay airport we had enough spare cash before we took the Air Asia coach to the city. about 40 goddamn minute after we land. It is possible to go from the Yadanarbon Hotel in the city centre to the Yadanarbon Hotel (there are previous stations, but they are further away from Yadanarbon), about 15/20min. (or a brief taxi ride).

The Mandalay is simple to use, as the roads are grouped in a treet. Like the other placards said, it is very simple to collect a taxi from Yangon airport for 8000 Kyaat and the shuttle departed about 30-40 minutes after landing. I' had enough spare hours to change cash, get a beverage, find the coach and organize everything.

Also, I stopped at Yardarbon and the coach takes you to a main place and then I took a taxi. I remembered $2US dollar, but was not so far away and because I wasn't quite sure where I was going I took the taxi. Is the taxi at Yangon airport using a taxi-metre?

We have to work out a fare before we get in the cab?

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