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Ltd. est une compagnie aérienne du Myanmar basée à Rangoon et basée à l'aéroport international de Rangoon. These are a list of airlines currently operating in Myanmar. Burma Airways International Co, Ltd. The airline has entered the aviation market at a time of unprecedented change in Myanmar.

Burma is a tourist hotspot.

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Buranmar National Airlines (Burmese: ?????????????? ??????????????), formerly Union of Burma Airways, Burma Airways and Myanma Airways, is a state-owned airlines and Myanmar's registered office at ?? in Yangon. 2 ] It serves all important German and Asian regions. It was established by the Burmese authorities after gaining freedom on 15 September 1948 as the Union of Burma Airways (UBA).

At first, it only ran national flights, but in 1950 it added restricted connections to neighbouring countries. The company retired from operating scheduled flights internationally in 1993 but, after 23 years of absenteeism, resumed operations abroad in 2016 with its first flight to Singapore. 4 ] The name was change to Burma Airways in December 1972 and to Myanma Airways on 1 April 1989 after the land was renamed from Burma to Myanmar.

Myanma Airways' multinational service was provided as a JV carrier, Myanmar Airways Headquarters, Myanmar Airways International Inc. Ltd, Myanmar Airways was founded as a JV carrier, Myanmar Airways United States. Burma National Airlines is the controlling stockholder of the MAI Group. 3 ] In 2003 it was suggested to establish a Myanmar-based carrier for Myanmar air travel and freight chartered, named Air Myanmar.

In 2005, a JV between Myanma Airways and a number of individual shareholders was discontinued. 5 ] Myanmar National Airlines provides groundhandling service for other airlines' scheduled, non-scheduled and scheduled flights. Myanma Airways was renamed Myanmar National Airlines in December 2014. Myanmar National Airlines reported the re-launch of Singapore, Hong Kong and Bangkok flights after the first Boeing?-800 arrived in June 2015.

With the first leg of the journey to Singapore on 19 August 2015, the company restarted operating internationally. 8 ] Myanmar National Airlines then took off for its second Hong Kong intercontinental trip on December 4, 2015, following the second aircraft, Boeing?-800. 9 ] Myanmar National Airlines (MNA) will start its operations between Yangon and Bangkok on February 20, 2016, making Thailand the third most popular foreign city.

Myanmar National Airlines will be flying to the following locations from June 2018: Burma National Airlines has with the following airlines: Since June 2015, Myanmar National Airlines has been launching new cabins and in-flight maintenance on its new ATR?-800 and ATR -600-fleets. A Myanma Airways Fokker F27 crashes at 27 January on takeoff from Yangon, Myanmar, and killed 16 of the 45 onboard.

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