Myanmar Air Travel

Burma Air Travel

Check out Myanmar flight status and the best deals on India to Myanmar tickets. What airlines offer cheap air tickets to Myanmar? Getting on a plane is the best way to explore Myanmar, especially when time is limited and you want a more comfortable experience. The Yangon airport is the most important airport in Burma for the vast majority of international flights. Bangkok to Burma is the most common flight route.

Burma Air Transport

The Yangon is Burma's most important airfield for the overwhelming bulk of Burma's foreign travel. Bangkok to Burma is the most frequent flight path. There are also non-stop services from Calcutta, Delhi, Dacca, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and Hong Kong to Burma. We have intercontinental services in four Burmese carriers, which include the following: US carriers in Burma: US carrier Ambassador to Burma, US carrier to Burma, Yangon Airways and AME.

Burma Airway is a federal holding on the four routes with lower fares than other highways. Myanmar International Airline formally opened the first flight between China and Burma. China Southern Airlines and Burma Airlines have currently opened non-stop services between Guangzhou City and Yangon. On Thursdays and Sundays there are two weekly departures at 14?, which take about 2.5 hrs for a one-way ticket.

The Myanmar aviation industry is doubling in two years

Myanmar's Yangon hub greeted the departure of Emirates' day-to-day flights last August. Burma is a fast developing county. The increase in the volume of aviation to, from and within the economy is a reflection of this. The OAG Schedule Analyser reports that the seating capacities at the country's major international airfields have more than twice as much in just two years, from 2014 to 2016.

Myanmar has 27 regular flights to and from Myanmar this year. By far the most frequented one, ahead of Mandalay and Heho. Yangon is the largest town in the county, while the capitol has been in Nay Pyi Taw since 2005. It is currently only the fifth largest of its kind and its only connections to other countries are Bangkok and Kunming.

Mandalay is the only major airline to offer intercontinental services besides Yangon and Nay Pyi Taw. The OAG flight plan figures for this year' s summers show that nine of the 15 largest carriers in the UK (by seat) are located in the area. In the future, it seems unlikely that the state will be able to maintain up to nine domesticlines.

Burma National Airlines, the largest national airline, is the state airline and currently runs a network of 17 aircrafts; 11 ATR 72, two E190 and four 737-800. Out of the six international airlines in the top 15 (highlighted in light green), four are located in neighboring Thailand, the other two are China Eastern Airlines and Emirates.

Last August, the Dubai-based airline launched non-stop services to Hanoi in Vietnam on a day-to-day basis. As of July 1, this will be changed, as Hanoi will have its own non-stop customer support. Then the Yangon Routes continues to Phnom Penh in Cambodia. Yangon's national flight networks are mainly operated from Yangon to the other international destinations, with Mandalay and Heho operating at least 10 regular services a day.

Mandalay-Heho has at least seven sailings a day. The length of the inland connections varies between 97 and 951 kilometers (between Myitkyina and Yangon). The two main destinations in the UK are Bangkok, Thailand. There are over 90 flights a week to Bangkok Suvarnabhumi from Myanmar airport, while Bangkok Don Mueang receives 63 a week and Singapore is in second place with 57 of them.

There are 14 routes with at least every day from Myanmar, the other 11 internation airfields are in Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, South Korea, Thailand, UAE and Vietnam. The OAG Schedules Analyser for w/c August 6, 2017. With a view to the future, as Emirates is moving its service to Phnom Penh from 1 July, VietJetAir is taking the chance to penetrate the Hanoi to Yangon airlines.

LCC has scheduled to operate from August 31st. It' already serving Yangon from Ho Chi Minh City. HK Express launched twice a week in September between Hong Kong and Yangon. OAG reports that the contract ended on May 22, 2017. Hongkong is still linked to Myanmar, thanks to Cathay Dragon's six-week flight to Yangon and a one-week flight from Myanmar National Airlines to Mandalay.

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