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Burma Global New Light of Myanmar". It is active in advertising and newspaper printing. Pages in category "Daily newspapers in Myanmar". Myanmar Ahlin and NLM (an English translation of Myanmar Ahlin). Newspapers Bangla news all screenshot.

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Buranmar Alin (Burmese: ????????????; also known as Myanma Alinn) is a state-run Myanmar day paper and the longest run paper in Myanmar. It is the Myanmar government's main source of information on Burma. Yangon, Myanmar Alin was established in 1914 during the UK colonisation as a journal by U Shwe Kyu (Burmese: ??????????).

It was nationalized in 1969 by General Ne Win's army administration and the Myanmar newspapers were state-run. Almost all of Burma's newspapers have front and back coverings. The majority of local messages come from the Myanmar Revenue Agency (MNA), which reads newspapers not for the messages but for advertising and announcement such as marriages and funeral services.

Burma Alia is a free open to the public land-based TV channel: Burma TV.

Gov't turn mouths into civil servants medias outlet stores

Burma's Ministry of Information has declared its intention to turn the state owned audio-visual industry into PSM next year. Minister of Information Aung Kyi and Deputy Minister Ye Htut said in Naypyidaw on Wednesday that Burma's state newspapers Myanmar Ahlin and Kyemon will become civil servants by August 2013.

He also said that the government's English-speaking spokesperson, the New Light of Myanmar, is to become a jointventure. He said that Myanmar Television and Myanmar Radio will become PSM points of sale in 2014. MEP Aung Kyi said it was necessary to transform state mediapropaganda into state-run services companies.

Myanmar's New Light on Friday published the Ethnic Codex, which will be followed by the PSM industry, which contained rules prohibiting the press from inciting race or religion-hate. Mr Ye Htun, member of the Committee on Sport, Culture and Public Relations, said the country's PSM industry will concentrate on topics that are not often addressed by peer-groups.

"He said the PSM will give the general population useful information on the areas of literacy, healthcare and racial cultures," Ye Htun said. Ye Htun said, however, that it was unlikely that the cabinet would adopt comprehensive legislative measures that would change the country's state audio-visual industry entirely before the parliamentary election in 2015.

And even if the information secretary and vice secretary are very level-headed, the governing presidency would want to have scrutiny over certain topics that could hurt his political parties and his[reform] process," Ye Htun said. He said at a ministerial conference with the House of Lords and the House of Commons that the media law was still in progress.

Following years of dramatic proclamation to defame democratic defenders and the West, the state press is losing its old reputation and beginning to adopt more modern ideas for the press. State-owned sales points still act as a mouthpiece and present the line to the administration, but they now produce full-color prints and a number of popular chatter articles every day.

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