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Swimming in Lake Inya

An Myanmar newspaper reports that the agencies have apprehended an US man who supposedly floated over a sea and sneaked into the house of imprisoned Aung San Suu Kyi, head of the protest. Myanma Ahlin newspaper reports in its Thursday issue that on Wednesday the policemen caught the man from Yangon's Ynya Sea when he returned from the trip.

Newspaper didn't give any detail on the man's identities or motive. He admitted that he had swam across the pond on Sunday night, crept into Suu Kyi's home and then returned to it on Tuesday before being discovered and detained early Wednesday. - Excerpt from "Myanmar newspaper says Americans arrested," Associated Press, May 7, 2009.

Updated: The New York Times has many more features.

Assassinated in case of landslides caused by rains in Mynamar

Fatalities took place on Wednesday and Thursday in the Mogok area, which was hit by intense monsoons, the Myanma Ahlin newspaper commented. The newspaper reports that several houses crumbled along the stream of Mogok' yen, where the level of the river increased by up to three inches. Mogok is known as Ruby Land, 520 northeast of Yangon, and is famous for its abundant stock of Ruby, Sapphire and other gems.

Floods are frequent during the Myanmar rainy period, which usually begins in May. Rainfall has struck other parts of the land, among them southwest Myanmar, where Hurricane Nargis struck last months. Monsun rain made it difficult for the victims of the hurricane to receive aid.

Burma: Numerous landslips are dying

Burmese government news reports that for several consecutive nights floods and mudslides due to monsoons were killing 57 persons in the country's north-western area near Bangladesh. Myanmar Ahlin newspaper said more than 2,000 refugees escaped from the deluge that began on Sunday and ended in the middle of the week. Floods and mudslides precipitated by the rainstorms have swept away towns and houses and destroyed buildings, as well as damaging buildings and overpasses.

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