Myanmar Ahlin Newspaper

Ahlin newspaper, Myanmar

Burmese state newspaper "? "is pronounced as "Myanmar Ahlin," for example. Find out why Myanmar's newspapers contain information about local issues, politics, events, celebrations, people and businesses. The following ads are accepted for daily newspapers. The Ethnic-Language News Supplement is published weekly by Myanma Ahlin.

Which kind of advertising?

Which kind of advertising? What money for the ad? The following chart shows the ad rates for 1 item (1 in x 1 column). Which way do I have to go for advertising? We currently accept advertising in Yangon at the following sites. 150, Ngar Htat Gyi Pagoda St, #173/175, Pansodan St (middle block), Myanma Alinn Bureau, Nat Mauk Lane 1, Bo Cho 2 Quarter, #77, intersection of 52nd and Mahabandoola Streets, #58, Ko Min Ko Chin Road,

"Myanmar Ahlin Newspaper Color Ted ki Haymkhiata"

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