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Burma Ahlin

Burma. mm/npe/ Myanmar Ahlin, Bahan, Myanmar.

Burma Ahlin address, phone number, email, reviews and photos. Burma Ahlin & the Mirror News Print House, Mandalay. Myanmar's global new light. Ahlin"'s direct translation is "light".

Buddhism, Politics and Political Thinking in Myanmar - Matthew J. Walton

It is the first volume to give a comprehensive view of how the Buddhist idea has affected Myanmar's policy and thought. A number of these ideologies contribute to shedding further light upon restricted or exclusive policy stimuli such as anti-Muslim-Buddhist na-tionalism or skepticism about the capacity of the public to take part in policy.

It will be available to a broad audience and will stimulate further research and debates.

Burma - Culture Smart! An indispensable guide to customs and culture - Kyi Kyi May

For half a hundred years Burma, with a new democracy and civil rule, is experiencing important changes as it draws closer to its next election in 2015, concealed from the attention of the rest of the world by Burma's self-insulationism. Burma's tribe is naturally kind and courteous, traditional casual and peaceful.

They' re also great fans of entertainment, amusement and celebrations - in fact there is a party for every year. The book provides priceless insight into the inner workings of the Burmese, their histories, customs, attitudes and work ethics, and provides hands-on guidance on what to look for in different situations and how to do it.

Reporter push to the payment of switched papers

Reporter and writers of the now deceased Mandalay magazine Mandalay Ahlin are demanding almost 26 million euros in charges and compensation they believe they owe them. Speaking at a Mandalay news briefing on October 7, the 23 angry staff members said they would take steps against the magazine owner if they did not get a settlement soon.

"We ask for our laws. That' s why we are hosting this news briefing - so that they can reply to us," said Ma Thet Su Aung, the newspaper's assistant headporter. "We will take the newspaper proprietor to court if there is no response soon after this news conference," she added.

Mandalay Ahlin was introduced on 17 February 2015 and peaked sales at 10,000 units per daily. Remuneration claimed by the former staff of the paper consists of outstanding remuneration and wages as well as damage claims for violation of the agreement. "We' re just workers asking for our cops' privileges.

While we do not want to take steps, we will still take steps if the owner's agents do not respond," said Eng. U Thant Zin Oo. A former newspaper publisher also said that the staff had been asked by the owner's attorney not to give a news briefing and that the attorney did not respond to the staff's demands.

Newspapers' writers and journalists said they have filed grievances with Myanmar's National Human Rights Commission and Myanmar's Council of Public Relations to settle or broker their disputes. "Our 20-page magazine ran every single working hour, and apart from the medevac, we didn't even take a single free working hour from work. We' ve done our best to run the magazine, and now we want to settle this issue peacefully," said Ko Zaw Naung Lin, another Mandalay Ahlin journalist, at a parallel news briefing in Yangon on October 7.

Mandalay Ahlin's chief administrator, U Thein Win, was asked to make a Myanmar Times statement saying he had not yet been instructed on the issue.

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