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Anyathian, Burma's Stone Age, existed at a time when it was thought to correspond to the lower and middle Palaeolithic in Europe. Burma Culture, Customs & Tradition. Strengthening NSAs in Myanmar to promote poverty reduction in old age. More elderly people in Myanmar than ever before. Find out what HelpAge International is doing to help.

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Work in Karen state - eastern Myanmar - is in short supply. Desperate and desperate to find work in Thailand. Let's take a look at how this immigration affects abandoned kids - and the grand-parents who raise them. You regularly compete against your villager rival Man U. Yar Yar, who was borne without a leg and a leg lacking.

He is reared by his 64 year old grandchildren Naung and Kalay. You are living in a small country town in Karen State. He has emigrated to Thailand to find work and left his grandchildren behind to bring him up and his two sister.

The grandmothers Yar Yar and Naung Grandma Naung and Grandpa Kalay have been 42 years now. The upbringing of three grandkids - two of them handicapped - is a great task for everyone, let alone for those who will live later, such as Naung and Kalay. I' m worried about my oldest grandchild because of her disability," says Grandpa Kalay.

and Yar Yar's town is a few mile from the closest outpost. In spite of all the effort of his grand -parents, he has not been able to go to class for years. Grandmother took me to and fro on her back, but finally I became too tall to walk. They can' t buy to return us money", are Grandma Naung and Grandpa Kalay peasants who have been cultivating cereals and breeding livestock in their small country villages for years.

Even if the medium sized generations intended to return funds to take care of their own kids and mothers, it is often simply not possible. A lot of people work in plants, as workers on building yards or as servants in homes, which means that they often don't make enough to return something - or what they are sending is minimum.

It' s a very hard time in Thailand - they can't pay to return us money," says Grandma Naung. In spite of her hard time, Grandma Naung is still optimistic. Once my dad sent me to another town in order to be alone there," she remembers. Grandpa Kalay's own mom still lives in her own town, she is 103 years old.

It' s too costly for her to return to this village," says Grandma Naung, "I miss her. Age International is supporting Oma Naung and her extended household through a group of communities we founded in her town, the Older People's Group. The group not only gave the familiy counsel and ethical assistance, but also a charitable home loans financed by Age International.

Well, Naung used the cash to buy seed, fertilizer, a canard, and chicken. It is much better than a standard loan," says Naung, "it has a much lower interest rat. If Naung repays the funds, it's not going to Age International. Age International has also worked with Myanmar to build a welfare system that will ensure a stable and sustainable livelihood for the coming years for billions of older adults such as Naung and Kalay.

Emergency Shows how humans can be prepared for and cope with the consequences of catastrophes. How come so many elderly died during the earthquake in Nepal?

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