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Would you like to have an adventure in Myanmar? Groundbreaking cycling tour on Myanmar's side roads. Wild Frontiers is an award-winning tour operator for Myanmar. Specialized in tailor-made tours and group trips to Myanmar. Explore an extensive collection of Myanmar Adventures, including trekking, cycling, bird watching and many unique experiences you will enjoy in Myanmar.

15 day Myanmar Adventure Tour - Travel Inquiry for Myanmar

Myanmar resident traveller was assisted by Myanmar expert Mr. Lin Tun in putting together a tailor-made route for the Myanmar Adventure Tours - 15-day. Contact a professional on site to help you organize your journey. Travellers have finished their journey! I am Yangon Myanmar Traveller specializing in Myanmar. I will send you the Myanmar Adventure Tours offer - 15 nights on the basis of 2 persons who will stay together as a 4*-5* hotel group.

I would like to inform you that my services are fully tailored to your wishes and interests. I would like to use the lower categories of hotels if you want to cut travel costs. This means that you always have your own guide and driver without having to join a large group during the whole group.

I' ll get in contact with you in the next few working day as soon as we have completed the flying and some other detail. If you' ve covered the internat. Yours sincerely, TravelerHello Wai Lin I am in the process of booking it. We' re flying to Yangon on Sunday, and our return trip is on Monday.

On the basis of this data, we'll have an additional overnight in Yangon. As soon as you are prepared to make your booking, you can click on the "Book Now" tab and make the payments. Then I will begin the booking procedure for your journey.

The Myanmar Adventure Tour - 15 Day

You will begin your vacation in Yangon, the former capitol and largest town in the state. Take an extensive Yangon sightseeing expedition today, get to know the locals and Myanmar's people. Begin with a ride to the city's main railway terminal and take a slowly running rail. Journey to the outskirts, get together with the locals and enjoy the scenery of walking by town.

After lunch, the tour of Yangon will continue with a stop in Dhala, a lovely town. To get to Dhala, take a regional Yangon River shuttle. Hop aboard a pedal-operated trimshaw to discover the tranquil roads and districts. Drink a cup of tee at a nearby store and then take the shuttle back to Yangon.

Fly to Mandalay early in the day for an exhilarating trip through this historical town. Begin with a trip to the summit of Mandalay to learn about the town' s past. You will then discover the many places at the foot of the mound, among them the huge picture of Buddha marbles in Kyauktawgyi and the "Greatest Book in the World".

In the afternoon you will explore the vast town with a visit to the Mahamuni Pagoda. An unforgettable excursion to Yankin Mountain will end the outing. Situated to the eastern side of the town, the area around the mound is full of buddhistic convents. Crawl to the top of the mound to enjoy the view over the paddy fields and hills, then climb down to a convent in good season to listen to the nightly songs of the Shrines.

Begin the days with a visit to the city of Sagaing. More than 100 sanctuaries and 600 other sacred monuments make it no wonder Tagaing is regarded as the Myanmar city. Discover some of the most important sights and, if you are fortunate, get to know some of the friars or monastics and find out more about their lives.

It' tis day for a little adventurous. Cycle around farmhouses and towns where you won't fight the road but meet cheerful smiles of local people and farmyard pets roaming the roads. Drive to the historical places of Ava, also known as Inwa, which were Myanmar provinces several places between the fourteenth and nineteenth c...

Drive by road from Mandalay to Pyin Oo Lwin. Situated in the Shan Mountains, Pyin Oo Lwin has a colder weather than Mandalay and was therefore used by the British as a mountain base. In the afternoons you will be able to explore this enchanting city by carriage and horses. Now you are experiencing an experience of a different kind.

Northward as the locomotive moves gradually, you will see images of small towns, never-ending farmhouses and occasionally wavering children. Savour the breathtaking view as the trains travel through the canyon. Get off in a small city where your vehicle is awaiting the return journey to Mandalay.

Tonight you undertake a round tour from Mandalay to Bagan. This full length boating tour takes in some of the most beautiful parts of the Irrawaddy Riverbre. From Mandalay you can lose sight of the Temples of sagaing. There are small fishing towns along the coast as the vessel descends gradually.

You can see how fisherman cast their fishing net, children splash in the sea and other insights into real live. At the end of the day, the tops of the Bagan temples will appear in the distant future. The rapprochement to Bagan from the riverbank is a truly striking place: observe how more and more couples come into sight as you walk along the banks and take a first look at the 2000 sacred monuments of the town.

Bicycle a whole night to discover the marvels of Bagan. You can also stop at the lively markets and drive through enchanting towns and farmhouses. Featuring more than 2000 sights to discover, you need another full days in Bagan! A ride in a horse-drawn carriage this afternoons for a different view.

Drive along paths used by the peasants to get past the highest of Bagan's churches and soak up the tranquillity of the area. Leaving the shallow, dry plain of Bagan this mornings, drive to the Shan State Highlands. After check-in, you will dare to take a trip through the city into a peaceful area.

Get together with a locals couple on their teaplantation. Stroll to the home of the hosts, where they offer teas from their plantations and delicious cuisine. You' ll also have the chance to see how to make Myanmar's most popular snack, lettuce teale. At the end of the day there are the famous Pindaya cave.

Come in the evening, long after the daily busses have departed, and hike through the huge cavern to see the Buddha pictures in their thousands. Do not miss the chance to take a look around the caves. Leaving the city on feet, you' ll take gravel roads leading to enchanting towns. There is a gently sloping path that leads higher and higher up into the hill and provides a magnificent view of the city and the neighbouring countryside.

On the way to another cavern with Buddha pictures and in small towns populated by the Danu population. You will have a hearty but easy luncheon in this small town and learn about the Danu way of living and tradition. This mostly descending hike provides a magnificent view of the Shan Hills.

Come back to your accommodation in the evening to take a bath and relax. After arriving, take a brief sightseeing cruise through this enchanting city before boarding a longtail to take a cruise on the Inle. Discover towns on stilt walkways and swimming pools and get to know the lives and cultures of the lake's inhabitants.

You' ll also be visiting the Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda, where you can join the community to worship this holy place. Go back to the pond today for an exhilarating kayak experience. Canoe through the calmer side channels of the lakes for a view of the icons of stilts and swimming pools.

After your early mornings kayak adventures, change to a motor boat for a day out in Indein. Crawl to the top of a mound where several hundred small stupa are covering the area. Catch a gorgeous view of Lake Inle from this raised vantage point and unwind in the peaceful setting, a great way to complete your Inle Lake discovery.

Back to Yangon this mornings, take off from Heho International and fly over Shan State and back to the South. Upon your arriving, continue your tour of Yangon, beginning with a tour of the Kyaukhtatgyi Pagoda. See the kites and joss sticks of the colourful Khen Hock Keong China temples and then rummage through the bustling streets with fruit, barbecue and snack.

Soak up the lively ambience of this bustling district and take a last look at the beautiful variety of Yangon.

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