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Holidays in Myanmar (Burma). The Myanmar Adventure Tours aims to offer you unforgettable expeditions to unveil the myths of this amazing country. The Myanmar Adventure Tours aims to offer you unforgettable expeditions to unveil the myths of this amazing country. Explore Myanmar as it should be seen. Experience Myanmar tours with authentic charm and timeless beauty.

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It is Myanmar's trading capitol and the principal gateway to Myanmar. This is Myanmar's second cultural center since it was the last one. Once the magnificent and dazzling capitol of the First Myanmar Empire, it is now a 42 square kilometer area with tens of thousand.....

Phnom Penh, with over two million people, has an area of 290 sqkm. This is Cambodia's most important tourism centre, as it is the nearest town to the world-famous churches..... This is Cambodia's second biggest town ( (the total number of.....

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Arrival in Yangon This adventure begins this evening with a trip through the busy roads of Yangon, surrounded by old settlement houses that tell a tale of the past. Sitting at Yangon - Inle Lakes to Heho Airport, the gateway to Inle-Lakes. Go for about an hours to get to the pond, where you will take a small ferry to pass the canal.

It is also home to many birdlife that use the area as a hatchery or stopover on their trails. Stage 3: Inle Lakes - IndiaThis mornin', cruising to India Village on a wide shore of the sea to see the sixteenth c. stupa, which have a mystical and creepy charm.

Return to Heho and take a flight to Kengtung, a large eastern Shan state cityscape. Kengengung is a great place to see tribal and minority peoples and take a look at their way of being. Go on a sightseeing tour and head to Nyaung Tong Lake to see the Palaung folk, where the women's clothing is decorated with belt made of fabric and rhodium.

Enjoy a slow pace of departure or a stroll to the Morgenmarkt, always a beehive of activities, before heading to the Mandalay airfield for a plane ride. The last imperial capitol is located in the shade of Mandalay Hill and its centre is the restored castle encircled by a large canal.

It is also a major crossroads for small antique towns that have had an important role in the area' s past and present. In the mornings a brief trip to Amarapura, a former capitol and study center since 1783. When you return to Mandalay, you will see the Mahamuni Pagoda with its sculptures in Buddha's real form and then the biggest story telling game in the whole Kuthodaw Pagoda, where tales are engraved on 729 stonebar.

Finish the days with a tour of an artisan goldsmith and see the sun set from above on Mandalay Hill. MANDALAY - MONYWATRAvel about four hrs on the street to get to the city of MONYWA. Late in the afternoons you can observe craftsmen weaving rugs and making lacquerware and then watching the sun set from a cloakroom.

9th day: Monywa - Bagan Hop aboard a ship and across the Chindwin River to the Pow Win Taung caverntempel. Then, on the Irrawaddy River to Bagan, where you arrive in the late afternoons. DAgE 10: BaganG and ride around the hundred churches that make up the area.

Over 10,000 sanctuaries and sacred buildings were erected over a 250-year time span, when Bagan lay in the centre of the antique world. Mt Popa - YangonToday in the mornings ride to Mt Popa, a sanctuary high up on a resting lcap. Ascend the 777 stairs to get to the convent devoted to the 37 antique ghosts (Nats).

The folkloric stories and legends around Mt Popa are many, and on a clear sunny days you can see the plain of Bagan. Late in the afternoons you will be flying to Yangon. Today is the end of your Myanmar adventure!

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