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delineation The Myanmar Adventure Outfitters is a socially responsible business that provides adaptable adventure off the well-trodden paths in a largely unspoilt tourist area. It is our goal to combine the adventure-loving traveller with actual living in indigenous areas around the town of Lashio, thus opening up new opportunities for remote societies. Walking, motorbiking, mountain cycling, standing paddling, stream diving, cascade exploration, speleology, and ever-new, unspoilt areas to provide new sources of livelihood for host families in the villages and to experience local cuisine in remote areas. As well as providing local authorities with the opportunity to make a profit, MAO also funds worthwhile joint ventures such as educational and healthcare initiatives.

Discover Lashio with Myanmar Adventure Outfitters: Wherever adventure encounters social impact

"Connections," says Byron as we ride the rough country lanes, "is what we concentrated on at first. There was a town that thought we were investigating the area for the mine. You didn't realize why aliens would go all the way just to see a cascade. Hartzler is the CEO and creator of Myanmar Adventure Outfitters, a socially responsible company dedicated to invest in Myanmar's multi-ethnic community.

Both he and his woman Eileen have a love and love for the community and have devoted most of the past year to maintaining relations with remote communities in order to establish sustainable and welcoming tourist activities in a way that is both transparent to the natives and at the same time accountable to them. When we drive on the country lanes, I ask Byron what got him to Lashio and how Myanmar Adventure Outfitters was founded.

After living in Thailand and Myanmar for 5 years, Byron quickly learnt that many left Myanmar to find work in neighboring lands, especially Thailand. Unaccounted for and without a legitimate ID, these individuals have very little to no right - a vulnerability that Thai bosses take advantage of as they can afford to give them 1/10 of an already low Thai salary.

Byron wants to improve employment possibilities in the Shan country, so they have no need to go to Thailand or China. Byron moved with his family and his wifes to Lashio to make it a reality. After some research, I knew immediately that this was the kind of store we wanted to suggest to our readership - a store that combined ecotourism with adventure.

Not only was it a very worthwhile event, but it was also a lot of great pleasure and our top attraction in Myanmar. Driving through various small towns in the countryside of Myanmar, past small children and small children waving timidly at the big blu animal of a vehicle full of migrants.

Did you ever see a cascade so strong and strong that you can sense it in every part of your orbit? and Byron names it dark horse falls. The time passes quickly as we dive off various falls, exploring mysterious caverns under a veil of waters and enjoying nature's whirlpool. Then we drive to Ban Khaw Dorf, a small town with mainly Lahu & Lisu tribesmen, to our host family and see the head of the local chieftain who was preparing our supper.

Sharing with us some of the stags captured at the beginning of the month - a valuable fishery that would nourish the town for 2 whole wards. There are often those who are the most tolerant, even with total aliens. There is no power in the town, no sunlight and a million stars in the sky.

After a few hour we reach Ban Khan, a Palaung community where our guide's Aik Pu's wife and daughter live. Before we stop at Kashi Falls, a deceptively high 17 meter high water fall that falls from an upstream.

You can also dive from this falls if you are wild, but for those who are too cowardly there is a smaller and more secure dive (2. 5 - 3m). It is a tranquil and tranquil place that offers the ideal place for thought.

It' not just that I had the best times and got to know great guys, it's that I could do it AND know that I had a beneficial influence on the group. Of course we used to love to explore Lashio with MAO and consider it one of the best places in Myanmar, right up there with Bagan.

After just taking a look at the effects of the fellowship, I can see Byron's visions and missions come to live. As our group was helping to gather garbage spread at the foot of the falls, some local residents were watching and finally joining in. Easy act, big effect. We are often disappointed as foreign nationals from special places when we see someone throwing garbage on the roadside or incinerating a pile of sculpture.

Accordingly, Myanmar Adventure Outfitters plans to work with Kyrgyzstan' school to help them learn how to manage their garbage and how the municipality handles it. Another tale about a native who is cooking tasty lahu meal in a town where she went to a cascade.

You left so often that the woman had the astonishing notion of opening a local canteen. Now it is not just a home, it is a small company that is being encouraged by the tourist industry that is visiting its municipality for the first a year. Whenever MAO goes to the cascade or host family in the town, they help her by supporting her business, helping her sending her grandchild back to work.

With MAO, host family homes have seen their income double, which Byron wants to accomplish through many more communities in North Shan State. If you want to be part of this fellowship, the best way to make a contribution is to go on a MAO trip. This is a bit more expensive than the regular backpacking trips, but your funds will be used for a beneficial charity effect and we are sure that you will enjoy every aspect of your individual adventure.

It is clear without hearing it from Byron that MAO is not a profitable company. In essence, it is about human beings, so the benefits are reinvested in the fellowship. In order to make the most of your adventure, we suggest that you travel with at least one host family for at least 2-3 outings.

Myanmar Adventure Outfitters can offer you the adventure pack that suits you best. Getting to Lashio: Hsipaw if you want to cancel your trip or directly to Lashio. You can take the coach directly from Lake Inle to Lashio. It' a night coach and will arrive early and in good season to begin your trip.

It'?s the best visiting time: Myanmar's drought lasts from October to May - the warmest months are in April on general (temperatures around 40°C). Journeys are in high seasons from November to February and the rainy seasons from June to early October. Though MAO provides year-round adventure, the rainy seasons often mean that some falls are taboo for security reasons.

There are other cases that are too arid and open during the drought. Really, you can always come and see us! Usually we travel in low seasons (Feb/March) to not book and plan in time. Remark: There are many different tongues in all of Myanmar, but most will speak Burmese.

Before you take pictures of humans, ask them - it is simply respectable and some ethnical minorities don't like being taken. There are no bank ers who are willing to pay for notes that are either used up or ripped. Do you plan a journey to Myanmar? In the commentaries, let us know what your intentions are and whether you will visit Lashio to discover with MAO.

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