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"affects users' access and dependency on others to help install such services and creates restrictions and limitations on content. The new numbers can be used for both voice calls and ADSL Internet. We' re just annoyed by YTP (shit internet service provider in Myanmar). Showcase Myanmar ICT and the Internet. The MMRD Research Services is a company of the MMRD Group.

Myanmar web (1998-2009)

ÌYANMAR Post and Telecommunications Ministry begins to sell e-mail services at ÌYANMAR Post and Telecommunications Ministry begins to sell e-mail services at The largest customers of the service are tour operators and sales groups as well as international companies. In addition, all departments make use of the service.

In 1999 - Myanmar Post and Telecommunication Ministry launches MPT as a dial-up service for 230,000 Kie. The majority of our customers were former mailers. Completed a governmental fiber optic telecommunication U-boat line to increase the effectiveness of the service. In 2001 - several Burma based intranets sites are launched by Info Rhythm, a privately owned company that sells intranets to the population.

/2002 - Bagan Cyber Tech, a privately owned web service, is the first and only web service company in Burma. mm is the first Burma web site to be launched by Bagan Cyber Tech and Bagan Forum and Yangon Chat. Though Myanmar Post and Telecommunication is selling not only dial-up but also high-speed lines, it cannot meet the local market for Bagan Cyber Tech's high-speed access.

The Bagan Cyber Tech produces and markets three types of pre-paid calling card (15h, 30h and 60h) named Access Kid, which use a dial-up system. -2003 - Bagan Cyber Tech launches IP-Star connectivity. Even though the initial costs of installing the software are high, the good service and interoperability with most areas are of great interest to many sectors and companies.

Completion of MPT's ADSL service. ADSL will soon be available from Bagan Cyber Tech at an install cost of 250,000kya. With the cost of paying per month decreasing and the rate of connections increasing, the number of Yangon city-centre cafés and the number of people using them will increase. Commemorative year 2005 - Access to information centres is required for individuals.

The Bagan Cyber Tech private company is handed over to the state. Renamed Myanmar Teleport, the service is beginning to decrease constantly. In 2007 - there are several breakdowns of the web, as vendors MPT and Myanmar Teleport prohibit a number of them. In addition, Burma Yadanarbon Teleport will become a public service ISP.

transactions 2008 - mpt announced that the ADSL service is available in 36 towns across Burma. Bagan Cyber Tech's activities are under the full supervision of MPT. The Red-Link Group becomes Burma's second private ISP and launches a new wideband service in Rangoon and Mandalay named Wi-max. Though Myanmar Teleport and MPT are selling the Wi-max link, most Red-Link users buy and use Wi-max.

The costs of installing are $1,800 and your payment is between $35 and $50 per month, depending on the service. In 2009, the cyber café and user markets are getting tighter and tighter as access to the web continues to be weak. Yangon's ISPs are struggling to make a living because they are not expanding their network.

In addition, fewer patronizing cybercafés, as the electricity is becoming increasingly irregular and the pace of the connections is slowing down significantly. In Rangoon, Red-Link will ensure that a prepaid Wi-Fi Wi-Fi Wi-Fi service is up and running at eight sites and plans to start a site, Installing MPT and Myanmar Teleport will cost over $2,000, Wi-max and IP-Star $1,800 and 5,000,000 respectively.

Yangon has an estimate of 85 per cent of the world' s web surfers and by far the largest number of cybercafés, 350 according to one estimate. All of Burma has an average bandwidth of 7. 8 GBP and 25 per cent of Burmese surfers are national. Naypyidaw is where all government departments use fibre optic cable and Naypyidaw is available for links between Rangoon and Naypyidaw.

The $2,500 per month installation fee for your optical fibre is $500 per month. The majority of individuals, except for large corporations, cannot do so. The following are the current speed types of connections used for web services: All communications activities are managed by Myanmar Post and Telecommunication.

The phone service is directly under the MPT supervision. The Myanmar Post and Telecommunication is recognised by the state as the only commercial representative and provider of all phone circuits and broadband access throughout the state. By the end of 2008, 6,000 communities throughout Burma were left without a phone line. One program to launch lower-priced cell telephones has failed to significantly increase the number of legitimate use.

In Burma there are about 500,000 cell phones that share 200,000 of them. 3 per cent of Rangoon's citizens have wireless connectivity. The Hanthawaddy Stock Exchange is still an important portal for the whole state. Yadanarbon Teleport, however, is constructing a portal and will monitor all inbound and outbound communications.

While ADSL and ADSL-2 were sold, the technology used came from Korea and India, respectively. A Burmese Chinese high-speed fibre optic line between Kunming and Yadanarbon Cyber City was finished in 2009. These connections have not, however, increased the rate of the internal one. Yadanarbon Teleport will install a Yadanarbon Post and Telecommunication nationwide gatewayserver, controlling all major connections to the web from 2010.

Although some pornography and politics were prohibited, the rules were relaxed at first. For example, in 2001 web surfers had to sign up to use the web, but this limitation was removed in 2003. But after Bagan Cyber Tech began operations, the number of web pages blocking ISPs has risen.

Bbagan Cyber Tech was better known as MPT for its blockage activity. Even though the closure of websites lasted from 2004 to 2006 - and grew with the 2007 riots - some pages that Bagan Cyber Tech blocks, such as, were available through the MPT linking service.

Prior to Bagan Cyber Tech being entrusted to MPT, the Myanmar Computer Federation adopted a series of 20 regulations, whereby Myanmar Computer Federation and Myanmar Infotech issue PAC licences for public information centres. Web surfers are conscious of their privacy because they believe that MPT and Bagan Cyber Tech/Myanmar Teleport are blocking various websites and tracking it.

According to an informal survey, 65 per cent of web surfers rejected their IP address routing in 2009 and used technologies or programmes to make IP address undetectable. MPT and Bagan Cyber Tech/Myanmar Teleport both operate all of Hanthawaddy's teleport communications from the Hanthawaddy Gateways, which include mirrors and firewalls hosted at a head offi ce near Myanmar Infotech.

Currently, several overseas engineers are being hired to work at the Myanmar Teleport headquarters and joint building project work is underway between Russia and China in Yadanarbon Cyber City. In addition, in 2009 Israel engineers set up the National Gateway in Yadanarbon Cyber City. The Yadanarbon teleport installation is almost complete. Ability to block and monitor web use could be enhanced as the entire web connection is managed via Yadanarbon Teleport.

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