Myanmar Administrative Divisions

Administrative departments in Myanmar

The poverty profile was drawn up for the three Myanmar administrative units Sagaing, Mandalay and Magway. Burma is divided into seven administrative units and seven states. The State of Mon is an administrative unit of Myanmar. Administrative units map of Myanmar. Myanmar is also bordered by five administrative units.

Myanmar, administrative units - Nmbrs - colored.svg

The layout rules are basing on the card designs of the online card store ? With this they also comply with the widely used local search engine mapping system ( SVG local search engine mapping scheme). In addition, their basic layout rules (!) form the foundation for derivative administrative cards. We recommend that you use one of the last available localization cards as a base for deriving new administrative cards.

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Anthropogenicity and Uprising in Myanmar / Burma: Comparative study by Kuki... - Letkhosei Haokip TS

Dr. TS Haokip @ TS Letkhosei Haokip, oldest S/o √Člder T. Mangzangam Haokip & Mrs Hatneng@ Hatkhoneng Haokip of Kingkin, A/P: Tuibong, Khopi-Veng, Churachandpur was born on August 31, 1969 in a small settlement in the Boungyang country Chandel County of Manipur State in northeast India. A modest young villager, his modest graduate began at Ideal English High School, Pallel, Chandel and St. Mary's High School, Tuibong, Churachandpur Districts of Manipur State, India.

HSLC/ Immatrikulation unter dem Board of Secondary Education, Manipur (BoSEM), Higher Secondary unter dem Conseil de l'enseignement secondaire supérieur Manipur (CoHSEM) von C.C. Hr. Secondary school, Imphal and degree under Manipur University of Churachandpur Government College, Churachandpur, and Manipur. A graduate of Manipur University in Political Science, he received his doctorate in 2018 from OPJS University, Rajasthan, India.

Jane Hoihvung Haokip (Ngaihte) d/o Tangkhopao@ T. Ngaihte, Rtd. IAT of Bungmual, Churachandpur. At present, the author/researcher works as an AGT in the Ministry of Education of the Government of Manipur.

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