Myanmar Adjective

The Myanmar Adjective

"It is great", the word "great" is the adjective that describes the quality or expresses the attribute of the person (noun). "Myanmar" (adjective) definition: of, in relation to or characteristic of Myanmar or its people. What's the adjective in Myanmar? Myanmar adjective and us uk /b??

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Adjective Grammar Rules

Wellcome to Burma's second adjective class. First we will study the colours, then the vocabulary, then the words of the day and lastly a discussion in Myanmar to help you practise your everyday use. Generally, adjective words are words that describe or change another individual or another item in a particular phrase.

The adjective [beautiful], for example, is a pretty plant because it refers to the noun[flower]. Subsequent samples use the adjective in different ways and at different places to show how it behaves in a phrase. Below is a listing of other auxiliary lenses that are often used when it comes to meteorological condition.

Now, at last, we have reached the most interesting part, the practical use of the everyday terms used in almost every discussion. Hopefully you liked this Burmese adjective lecture. For any questions regarding this unit, please do not hesitate to do so. Next lecture's downstairs.

a adjective that refers to India's current geographical extension in order to set itself apart from the entire British Raj India?

If one contrasts part of a part of a given area with another, an adjective is necessary. As a rule, this is done in the shape of a lens like Western Europe versus Eastern Europe. However, in some cases these terms are not sufficient and a region-specific adjective is necessary, as in the case of sub-Saharan Africa.

I cannot, however, imagine an appropriate adjective to distinguish the current geographical extension of India from the entire sub-continent of India. This use is related to the discussion about British India, when Pakistan, Bangladesh and Myanmar were part of "India". In Burma the result was the same as in ______ India.

The first thoughts I had were "mainland India" or "peninsula India". Referring to the geographic expansion of India during Britain's reign, which then encompassed present-day Pakistan and Myanmar, perhaps you could use colonial India, which represented these United Kingdom states. What do you need an adjective for anyway?

When you compare today's Myanmar with today's India, why not just write: In Myanmar the result was similar to India. India " in general already means "the current geographical expansion of India". All you need is an adjective or another construct - "British India", "Indian Subcontinent" - if you want to change it to mean something else.

On the basis of the use in the Wikipedia listing for "Greater India", it seems that the concepts of continental India and India itself are not inappropriate. I am not entirely happy with this, but it seems that, against my conviction, the continent does not necessarily mean an island. Explore other queries with single-word queries or ask your own one.

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