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The Myanmar actress swears romanticism, gains the fans' heart.

The Myanmar actress Na Wa Yut won the adoration of her supporters after recently stating in an interviewer that she has no free moment or lust for romanticism. That doesn't mean the actress doesn't live her own lives with other human beings; she just doesn't romantically do it.

Indeed, her greatest wish is to be around good men with whom she can live her own world. While it may seem uncommon to have such a pronounced attitude against marriages and childhood, this is a relatively frequent feeling among Myanmar's mothers. Though the overwhelming proportion of Myanmar's wives are between 50 and 87.9 per cent of the population, according to a UN survey this is significantly lower than in all of Myanmar's Neighborhood.

In China, Bangladesh, India and Thailand, the same study showed that the proportion of newlyweds aged 50 is 99.8 per cent, 99.6 per cent, 99.3 per cent and 94.8 per cent. According to a World Health Organization World Health Organization World Health Organization report, Myanmar's fertilization rate fell by more than half between 1987 and 2012.

On the basis of Facebook users' response and responses, Na Wa Yut's messages appear to be mirrored in Myanmar's relatively low marriages and births.

Woman of the war who led myanmar's epilepsy trading lanes.

Until she died last weekend at 90, she had run several hundred men, suffered imprisonment and tortures, created scandal for her relation to a movie actress and eventually assisted in forging a ceasefire between racial insurgents and the state. As one of 11 daughters, Olive Yang was raised in an ethnically Chinese ruling tribe of the then semi-autonomous Shan state of Kokang.

Yang's sire Duan Jipu - called after the US jeps Yang had seen in the China town of Kunming during World War II - was brought up by other siblings. Yang's quest for a carreer as a militiaman and bootlegger partly emerged from her despair to get away from conventional sex parts, her relations said.

"She was tempted to resist," written her granddaughter Jackie Yang in House of Yang, a 1997 film. The Yang joined forces with the remains of China's nationalistic forces, which had been beaten by Mao Zedong's communists but were still fighting from ports in Burma. Nazi forces had received assistance from the CIA because they had a common interest in curbing the expansion of communism in the early phases of the Cold War.

In 1972, Alfred W. McCoy published in his The Politics of Heroin, in which the Nationalists and Yang's forces funded their operation through the sale of heroin. In 1952, the CIA' s supplies of weaponry found their way into Yang's hand, as the Myanmar authorities testified in a UN General Assembly appeal the following year.

Yang's military was watched travel across the frontier to an airport in Thailand where an unsigned C-47 plane from Taiwan, the headquarters of the China NG, is said to have dumped arms. Soon after, Yang was caught by the Myanmar police when she and her assistant Lo Hsing Han drove from the Thai frontier.

In Mandalay, she was imprisoned for five years on accusations of helping illegal Chinese nationalists across the Burma-Land. This was the first of many detentions for Yang and Lo. He would deserve the title "Kingpin of the Southeast Asian Huntington' after making a deals with the Burma army regime that would allow him to restart the trade in opioum in exchange for supporting the regime troops against the rebels.

In 1959, after her elder brother Edward resigned, Yang, along with a dozen other Shan state leaders, took over the former Shan state armies and became the de facto sovereign of the area. According to her family, she also established a connection with a Myanmar film actress, Wah Wah Wah Win Shwe, who showered her with presents and added her name to her home certificate in Yangon.

Yang's relatives regarded her as a married couple, but in an 2015 meeting Win Shwe, who still resided in a building on Yang's former estate, rejected an incident. Anyway, the agreement ended abruptly in 1963 when Yang was detained by policemen under General Ne Win, who had taken over Burma the year before.

Reactuated as a military leader but respectable among racial groups, Yang, along with her former counterpart Lo, was enlisted by Burma's secret service leader Khin Nyunt to help in negotiating peacemaking treaties for the state. This treaty was signed with Yang's remote cousin Peng Jiasheng and his Kokang insurgent Myanmar National Democratic Alliance Army, until new battles erupted in 2009.

Yang, who passed away on July 13, is alive by two younger nuns and her boy. Yang's final grave, constructed for her with the help of one of her former troops, is near Muse, just outside Kokang.

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