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" I was rejected three times by an actor," he says, a touch of bitterness on his face. " My Sin Yaw film production company has no contracts with actors. View Facebook statistics from Myanmar's most popular actor sites such as Thet Mon Myint, Kyaw Thu or Kaung Pyae. Hawleikgyin Ne Win - Kawleikgyin Ne Win was a double Burmese film actor and director. The tags are all defined in Myanmar.

Actor of Myanmar arrested for accusing the military of being cursed with graphite

An actor from Myanmar was condemned to almost three years in jail for cursing libel about the mighty armies behind his vehicle, a policeman said last night. A 35-year-old, Tun Lin Thein, who appeared in Myanmar's video clips, struck the armed forces as the "Army of Dogs" and sprayed a series of other swear words on his silvery Nissan in March.

"He was convicted by the tribunal for two years and nine months," said AFP policeman Thein Han, whose crew took charge of arresting the actor. Since the resignation of the Myanmar Army Junior in 2011, freedom has been flourishing in Myanmar, opening the way for the November election that brought democratic campaigner Aung San Suu Kyi to government.

However, the boundaries of the term still exist, and it is particularly forbidden to criticise the armed forces. Detroit law said the actor was also charged with slandering the statewide flag as well as a buddhistic flag he stuck to his vehicle alongside the gravit. "Not only was his conduct improper to the Tatmadaw (Myanmar Army), but also to our faith and ours.

He added that the act seemed to be motived by a mood of grudge, saying officials felt the offenses were leveled at the actor's ex-wife's former army team. It is highly hoped that Suu Kyi's new civil administration will speed up the breathtaking process of democracy that has swept Myanmar since the end of Burma's regime.

However, it still has to fight an authoritative military that has maintained full command of important departments and a fourth of the parliamentary assemblies. During Suu Kyi's first few coming to office there were several contested defamations, among them a six-month punishment for a man who had written a poetry about a former ex-army president's tart.

In the mid-20th c. a documentary about the mid-20th c. conflicts between the Shan army and the Shan people was also withdrawn from a June C. The documentary was shown at a C... It was commissioned by the 15-member Ministry of Information Board, which was afraid that the documentary would subvert the effort for "national reconciliation".

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