Myanmar Action Movies 2016

Burma Action Movies 2016

2016 Best Action Movies * New Kungfu Action Movies 2016 * 2016 Best Chinese Action Movies. " Mumon" directed by Yoshihiro Nakamura (2017, 124min)/ Historical, Action Channel Myanmar Movies. However, isn't there a reason why action films abroad are better than any other genre? It' not nearly realistic - what is an action movie? ((channelmyanmar.

org)Nessun Dorma 2016 BluRay.

Assassin's Creed (Movie 2016)

Assassin's Creed (2016 Movie) will now be shown in Yangon from 13 to 19 January 2017. Assassin's Creed is a 2016 action-adventure movie built on the videogame ranch of the same name. Staged by Justin Kurzel, authored by Michael Lesslie, Adam Cooper and Bill Collage, and starred Michael Fassbender, Marion Cotillard, Jeremy Irons, Brendan Gleeson, Charlotte Rampling and Michael K. Williams.

Myanmar, the actions man?

However, the posters for the movie Ma Aye Pwint - Myint Myint San - Lan Thone Sal all made their own snakes at its opening in September. Aye Myat Thu - and the individual parts of her body that emphasized the pictures - seemed bigger than the world.

Then why did I watch this one? When I was a non-nationals, I'd only seen a full Myanmar picture. I was fascinated by The Burlesque of Snow (2005), because it was shot mainly on site in Kachin State. There were some unpleasant moments - the main actor couldn't get out of his spoiled big-town life style quickly enough for me - but it showed a foretaste of what was possible when the Dodge (uh, Yangon) crew got out and showed some of the varied and impressive scenery and life styles elsewhere that were just looking for a big-screen canvas.

The filming of Ma Aye Pwint, which I had been reading, took place in the countryside outside Pyay, was similarly promising. Obviously The Mystery of Snow was on DVD, with British sub-titles; Ma Aye Pwint wouldn't have any. However, isn't there a good enough excuse why foreign Action films are better than any other kind?

Maybe a stranger who' s looking at an activity film here would give me a foretaste of how non-English-speaking cinema-goers might react when they see the latest Hollywood Activity Tariff. There would be action: While the posters in Peak were promising, I also knew that the 90s character, Ma Aye Pwint, on the basis of an equally beloved novel from the 80s, was at some point the first to be filmed in color when most of the movies here were still filmed in monochrome.

Today's movies are still in color, of course, but they are probably much less colorful than before. Playwrights now shy away from both actions and drama-from selling tickets back to higher budget levels. As cinemas become smaller and smaller, it is impossible for them to have sustainable plans, let alone the kind of filming that could provide a touch of freshness for a stale film.

Myanmar's moviemakers have the opportunity to tell and see unique tales in the way the rest of the worlds they do. That' s a pity, especially for the last few years, the country' s movie business has been much appreciated, even larger than Bollywood. However, after the state constraints have gradually wiped out the work of the big studio, is it any wonder that the new breed of filmmaker chooses to make documentary films independently instead?

To most, if its running life, Ma Aye Pwint demonstrates a revitalizing restorer to all of this. It' not nearly real - what is an activity movie? The movie makes it clear that such men have a different thought when they think they can take what doesn't belong to them. The beauty of this feminine actor is that she doesn't get stuck in a laughable outfit.

Mom Aye Pwint is, make no mistakes, a hit man. Indeed, in unique Myanmar dance, a longgyi wound swim allows a proper twisting movement under her arms, in which she then wraps herself like a yo-yo. From 007-esque opening sequence - her silhouette shoots slo-motion projectiles - to cowboys, movie campfires, to the kill bill abilities she has obviously been practicing for a very long while.

She was laughing when a tripwire blast started behind her, but she wasn't looking, just pausing to hold her gun with flawless filmstar timings. May Aye Pwint's masculine co-star/love interest does not diminish his power by hanging her clothing on a line to hang her out to dry, as Myanmar's civilization is insisting that it will come to pass, although something even harder seems to happen:

One time, an Aye Pwint troop, after she falls in Love, sadly looses her capacity to walk without a little hand. Then, two third of the way through the movie, it disappears - or at least the unrelated, critical and cultural vision of it that was presented to us - completely from the movie.

Surprisingly, a jump-cut and we are all of a sudden in another film that has little to do with the story, settings or genres we have just seen. "And, as it seems in all Myanmar movies, a "comic" performer makes a camera; paralyzingly long and still dialogues develop; and the camera work, which began in style and originality in the open air, becomes clumsy in an enclosed area.

All this has to do with the movie we thought we saw, and its former hero, is an assumption. Other audiences seemed to be losing interest, as I did, considering the increase in chat and cell usage in the last third of the movie.

Did the film-makers live here so long that they no longer see the possibilities before them? Ma Aye Pwint - audacious, able, admirable in my opinion - has partially left this film. This is the ending I want for Ma Aye Pwint. It' also the ending I want for all the films I made in Myanmar.

In a once flourishing domestic industrial sector, the web, pirate film, and publications will continue to flare up. From what I see - and from what film lovers tell me - too many of my works always come back to proven clich├ęs that don't defy anything, don't inspire anyone and appeal to their audiences as the smallest possible shared denominator. What's more, it's the same with all of them.

No. What films need is adventure, suspense, surprises - not only for actors, but also for moviemakers and viewers. Myanmar's humans and landscape in all their splendour and contradiction merit to be portrayed on screen in such a way that they appear bigger than real live, not as something less exciting than just being outdoors.

Burma is a country full of gripping tales that beg to be retell. If there is a htamein-wearing, gun-toting campaign character opening a colorful band of goons to find the way to something else, well, we just hopefully, Ma Aye Pwint deserves plenty of return on his return on your initial outlay.

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