Myanmar Action Movies 2016

Burma Action Movies 2016

2026 Best Action Films * New Kungfu Action Films 2016 * 2016 Best Chinese Action Films. SS13-1141min. Action, adventure, sci-fi. Htun Eaindra Bo, Eaindra Kyaw Zin, Wutt Hmone Shwe Yi, Suu Sha Naing, Lu Min, Action, no actor in this film. The Myanmar Film Awards 2016 - List of Prize Winners 2016 - Academy Movies for 2016.

That is why we need government measures," said Maung Okkar.

MYANMAR' s Audio Posts Trip to the Film Industries - Production Resources

Combining a similar enthusiasm and a similar premonition for film post-production, the two businesses are committed to providing the Myanmar film and media industries with high-quality audiovisual content. It was the culmination of a common commitment that led to the signature of a cooperation contract in Yangon in November 2016. On 5 November 2016, a prestigeous media conference commemorating the new relationship took place at Mingalar Cineplex in Yangon.

Our invitees, among them regional news and entertainment companies, filmmakers, directors and VIPs, were amazed by our work. We have since worked with Silver Egg Post and supplied ten films from Myanmar. This film was formally opened on April 5, 2018 with a Grand Opening Gala at the Mingala Cineplex.

"I' " is an action film by Lu Min with actresses:

Military action in Myanmar forces some to flee:'We simply had to run away to protect our lives'.

Ko Thu Ya, the proprietor of a small food shop in the west of Myanmar, escaped with his wife and daughter almost three months ago and has been on the run ever since. Mr Thu Ya, 25, comes from Maungdaw Township, a seaside city on the Bangladesh frontier, where many have been killed by armed action and millions of displaced from their houses, right-wing groups said.

Myanmar's authorities have described the actions of the military and frontier policemen in reaction to an assault this months on a near-by frontier station in which nine policemen were murdered. Right-wing groups in the area report that troops and policemen have executed gunmen, violated wives, plundered stores and burnt down houses.

Mr. Thu Ya, who said he wanted to stay in a nearby town' s tented house on Friday, called Saw Nang, a New York Times journalist in Mandalay, Myanmar, on the telephone on Friday: It was sounded by the border guard. So we ran to the western part of the town.

As we arrived at the west Kyee Kan Pyin towns, we had to live with two or three of them. Then, the governor, U Zaw Phyo Tun, said to everyone in the towns that we had to demolish our rail. On the next morning U Zaw Phyo Tun phoned two lmams to join the border guard Thura San Lwin.

They said that they heard from Mr. Thura San Lwin that all Kyee Kan Pyin inhabitants have to go away from our houses. After packing as much as we could, we had to go and live in the west Kyee Kan Pyin town.

Thura San Lwin, Supervisor of the Border Guard, also said to the lmam that our departure was in accordance with the terms of reference. I' ve got nine members of my own and our town has 300 of them. Now, about 100 border guards are setting up camps in our village's schools. So, when we find out that the border guards are on their way, we'll have to flee from one place to another.

There are no reporters who come to our communities to see the actual reality of the crisis. Border patrol arrests and tortures 20 to 30 men from each city. And I know that the attack and murder of the border guards is an insult to supremacy. A previous caption containing this text misspelt the name of the city near the Rohingya villagg.

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