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But isn't there a reason why action films abroad are better than any other genre? I like action movies! Myanmar Facebook statistics such as the number of fans, engagement rate and fan distribution by country. Soccer live myanmar action movies. The Advocate- A Missing Body Episode :

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Each of FOX Action Movies and FOX Action Movies HD has first agreements with films from 20 Century Fox, Disney, StudioCanal, Columbia Pictures, Marvel Studios, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and DreamWorks and subcontracts with films from Paramount Pictures, Universal Pictures and Warner Bros. for those territories where FOX Action Movies and FOX Action Movies HD are available.

Films from other distribution companies such as Lions Gate Entertainment, Summit Entertainment and The Weinstein Company will also be screened. It' another Hollywood action flick chanel whose major rival is Cinemax Asia.

There are good indications for the film industry's success in Myanmar.

There' are good indications for the Myanmar motion picture industry's bright prospects. Recently it was announced that films produced in Myanmar will be shown at the same time from 1 January. It is said that this favorable trend for the motion picture sector can be attributed to long debates between motion picture manufacturers and cinemagoers. I will be discussing this weeks whether the parallel showing of different Myanmar films will be beneficial to moviegoers and whether it will contribute to raising the standards of Myanmar films.

First, moviegoers will see a selection of films from Myanmar. Currently there is only one new canvas each in Myanmar. From 1 January, at least two Myanmar films will be shown at the same theater. Some 20 Myanmar films are published every year, but this could be doubled in the near term and the production will probably improve.

This is another enhancement that moviegoers would welcome. It will also have advantages for film manufacturers. According to the present regime, they have to await the release of their films in theaters, as only one new film from Myanmar may be shown at a while. That means that manufacturers have to postpone their production for up to two years before it is shown.

This was a poor time lag for the sector, as production companies had to postpone production for up to two years before the funds spent on the production of a film paid off. Overall costs for the production of a film in Myanmar range between approx. 120 and 200 million K (approx. 96,000 to 160,000 US$).

Films with beloved celebrities or visuals could be between 300 and 400 million K because they are sent abroad for editing. Current films "Lett Pan" and "Nin Se Yin" are in this series. Significant sums have been spent on their production and it is not economical to delay until a yield is achieved.

Manufacturers are also suffering from high levels of intragrelation. Simultaneously releasing and showing more than one Myanmar film at a while will help mitigate inflation-related deaths. A further issue with the present system is that new films can be out of date despite the effort to schedule in advance. That' s what happens with the film " Our Election " by Nyi Nyi Tun Lwin.

This year Nyi Nyi Nyi Tun Lwin wanted to show it, but because of his queuing situation it should not be shown until 2016. That is why movie makers keep away from movies about recent events and concentrate on romantic tales or plays that don't run the danger of becoming outmoded.

That is one of the main causes why the Myanmar film standards are not high. Myanmar films were shown at the same times a few years ago. Cinema was more busy then and one of the main causes was the number of theatres across the country. Following the seizure of the army in 1988, the Ministry of Information was allowed to resell many theatres.

Myanmar has far fewer theaters than a few centuries ago. The majority of the films are in the possession of the Mingala Company Group, with which the directors have negotiated the possibility of showing films at the same time after January 1. It is a good deal for the Myanmar film industries.

There is also a chance that improving the film industry attracts attracting external investments.

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