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The Myanmar Academy

The Myanmar Motion Pictures Museum, Yangon (Rangoon) image: Myanmar Herpetological Project is a project in which academy scientists support research into amphibian and reptile life in Myanmar. From its inception, Regent has been at the forefront of research into ways to promote and explore education in Myanmar. Myanmar (Burma) Civic Engagement Study Trip from Unbound. A further major project that has already begun is our first school for children in Myanmar.

The Myanmar Times

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On the tiptoe of his toes, a gold statue of Keinayi (mythical bird) recognised the Myanmar film industry's artistry.....

2016 Myanmar Academy Awards | Yangon Life

Myanmar Academy 2016 Award ceremonies took place on March 18, 2017 at People's Park. Last year, a series of 33 movies opened in cinemas and the winner were chosen from the nominations. Even though 11 prizes were named at the award presentation, only 10 prizes were awarded by the Academy this year.

Some of your favourite celebrities have been honoured for their work. A complete listing of the Myanmar Academy 2016 Winner List: Several of the winning entries, such as Maung Myint, Aye Min, A Nge Lay, Nyan Wint, have won the Academy Prize for the first year. An experienced comedian Lu Min won his third Oscar as best support actress, the last one 12 years ago.

The prize for best script and best support actor was not awarded at this year's awards presentation. For the 2016 awards presentation, it was organised by John Lwin.

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