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Burma a

Burma is experiencing a unique moment in history. Krsistian Stokke, Roman Vakulchuk, Indra ├śverland. New Muslim uprising in the state of Rakhine. The change in Myanmar came from above, from below, from within, from outside and from the front. For more than two decades a mine war has been taking place in Myanmar.

an offence against mankind

Rohingya are a Moslem nation that lives in the northwest of predominantly Buddhist Myanmar, bordering mainly on Islam. They are considered Muslims in Myanmar and aliens in Bangladesh. Now, the Myanmar army will not even accept their presence, and in recent few months the almost ├ęgenocidal pressures on their communities have grown so great that ten thousand are trying to escape across a secure frontier into an unknown fort.

Seemingly trying to famish the populations of areas where there is most activity in terms of military opposition, the military is causing an unparalleled overflight. This has prevented UN organisations from supplying foods, drinkable waters or medicines to the affected areas, with the result that an estimated 250,000 persons do not have frequent contact with them.

Bangladesh's officials are very unwilling to acknowledge that they are escaping prosecution, even though the response on the ground has been very generous. Myanmar's junta troops have been descending to communities for years to butcher or evict their population. Ashin Wirathu, one of Myanmar's most powerful Myanmar preacher, is preaching sympathy for mosquitos, but for Muslims to die.

Foreseeably, the pursuit has resulted in increased and predictable levels of oppression and atrocity. Buddha had something to say about such strings of force and vengeance, but it seems that Myanmar's Buddhists would rather use chains than arms, as the Hells Angels did than be liberated from them.

No oppression is wild enough to free the entire state of Rakhine from its citizens and eventually smash the allies. Even the military-backed opposition cannot expect a definitive win. However, it can hopefully broaden the scale of the dispute and present it as a worship where Muslims are prosecuted for theirbelief.

She is adding Myanmar to the long country ranking in which Islam seems to be the faith of the oppressed and outcasts, and to formulate the excuse for her own violence and intolerance in vengeance. Aung San Suu Kyi's participation, which seemed to bring the embassy of Universal Right to Myanmar, is a terrible twist that would overcrowd or at least limit the brutality of the old age.

This Nobel laureate, who for decade-long was regarded as the embodiment of the unyielding and unyielding defense of fundamental freedoms, now seems to be the insensitive poster child of a malignant regim.

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