Myanmar 5000 Kyats Note

Burma 5000 Kyats Note

White elephant; Burmese electrotype'5000'. You' re planning to buy a note. The new 5,000 kyat note is worth less than $5 To prevent counterfeiting and increase security, the Central Bank of Myanmar will issue newly designed 5,000 kyat notes from October 1. It was the first edition of 20 and 50 Kyat notes for Burma.

But only rarely 5000 kyat notes are used.

New Myanmar 5,000 kyat rating approved

October 16, 2014 09:08 Category: will be issuing a 5,000 kyat note with a new look and enhanced safety characteristics on October 1, 2014. Current 5,000 kyat banknotes (CBM B15) will continue to be the law. The Pyidaungsu Hluttaw (Assembly of the Union) Parliament building in Zeya Theddhi Ward of Naypyidaw. Colour changeable safety yarn with demetallized Spw MYANMAR BCm.

Electric type 5000 and Elefant. SAFETY PRESSURE WAZI M³.

A new banknote in Myanmar is a cause for concern

This new note would be the greatest revealed by the army regimes. This 5,000k note, which is less than $5, will be the biggest banknote the South East Asia had. This will be launched on October 1, according to an MRTV broadcast on Myanmar's national MRTV.

Myanmar's economic situation is not doing well, said an experienced freelance Yangon-based reporter. It refused to be mentioned on the grounds of safety considerations. Burma is a cohesive nation whose army leaders have information firmly under control and do not condone disagreement and critique.

He said that the standard of living in Myanmar, also known as Burma, is already high. By deciding to implement the 5,000k yat bill, the value of the country's economy could diminish and have wider implications, he said.

New Myanmar 5,000 K yat note issued in new look

Myanmar's Federal Reserve will be issuing 5,000 kyats of new banknote designs to enhance safety and avoid counterfeiting, reports on September 11. The Myanmar Federal Reserve will begin issuing 5,000 kyats of revamped bonds on October 1 to avoid counterfeiting and increase safety.

Enhanced features in the current look are a new safety string and watermarks as well as a new lacquer coating on both sides. Older 5,000k yat banknotes launched in October 2009 remain in use. On 1 October 2009, the Central Reserve launched the 5,000 K yat note.

Currently 11 types of banknotes are in use in Myanmar: 1-Kyat, 5-Kyat, 10-Kyat, 20-Kyat, 50-Kyat, 100-Kyat, 200-Kyat, 500-Kyat, 1,000-Kyat, 5000-kyat and 10,000-Kyat. By disappearing, the new 5000 kyats banknotes will be waterproof and durable, and high-quality safety threads and watermarks will ensure that the banknotes comply with internationally accepted safety requirements.

In particular, the found Federal Reserve has discovered counterfeits of 5000 K yat banknotes and has therefore chosen to reprint new banknotes with improved precaution.

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