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The Ngapali Airport Beaches, Myanmar; 5-star seaside resort & hotel facilities

There is a small town of Ngapali and the turnoff to Thandwe, just over twokm. A large part of the coastline is small, rugged and not particularly nice and was therefore missed by the first resort openings in the area. At the southern end of this sandy area, near the small hamlet of Ngapali, is the only sandy area in the area - a place where Myanmar and Rakhin family come to relax, dine, drink and have fun.

A small park-like area is hidden at the top of the shore in the shadow of the deeply shaded casualina tree and sellers can be observed barbecuing shellfish over fire. Most of the time, the main part of Airport Strand is cliffy with little of the important, smooth, whitey work. The area has been constructed behind relatively high ramparts to stop the oceans, although these man-made obstacles may cause further degradation and other ecological upheavals.

Please note that the first contemporary seaside retreat at the southern end of this stretch of coast, Amazon Ngapali, has a broad sand and is very popular. Establishment of several high-class hotels on the less nice beaches here is an indication of the general shortage of beachside plots in the Ngapali area.

All of Airport Beach was taken over by the Myanmar army during the years of repression - and although they reimbursed the local people, some complaints still have. Then, in the countryside, business people from Burma were pushed into the construction of rural resort, sometimes against their better judgment. Ngapali Airport Beach - the new Ngapali luxurious area?

Sometimes the beaches are hardly a sandy area, so the new resort has offset this with particularly luxury amenities and comforts. Here are some great swimminpools, luxury villa ponds, beautiful backyards and a beautiful drive. The beautiful, luxury surroundings help to keep guests' attention away from the beaches.

Tingaha Resorts has made tremendous efforts to offset this by creating perhaps the most lush and luxury Ngapali area. Featuring the most appealing pool areas in the area, unusual privately owned mansions with pool and soft toy interior that are setting new benchmarks for Ngapali and perhaps Myanmar.

Airport Strand could be on its way to becoming Ngapali's own "super luxury" area with two more luxurious destinations scheduled to open on this stretch of coastline in 2014 - Mas Myanmar and the redesigned Asia Villas at the northern end. Syndicators and the gouvernment can successfully commercialize it this way, they can accomplish two fleeting targets at the same in parallel; overturn the shame of a impoverished sandy place when the guest's expectation is high, and gather a piece of the superluxury ending of the fair, which otherwise might not contemplate getting to Ngapali.

Fast and easy air traffic to the airports is a big benefit in this situation. The Ngapali Airportbeach will be interesting to see if it can reach such a gold state or if it will remain a small, bricked up sandy spot with a lot of elephant. Airportbeach is a gaping, two kilometre long sandy area with an unknown avenue. Ngapali's beautiful tropics, which have made it so popular, can only be seen here and there on this one.

Its upper and lower ends are broad and sanded; the centre has cliffy sections with little sands; and now recently constructed sea walling is almost certain to make the problem of the sea even worse in the area. It is discolored in the garden at the'local' shore by too much use, garbage and abuse.

Ngapali's sandy beaches and waters are both pure and appealing without affecting the people. During high tide the whole shore goes under for a few hour while the sea sprays against the dam. The shadow along the shore is fragmentary and now largely dependent on whether the resort has preserved the large, shaded beaches or whether they have been substituted by ornamental ones that look beautiful but provide little shadow and shelter from the suntan.

The latter'modern' look is very much loved by Myanmar's development community, and leaves behind a whole range of hotels with warm beach areas.

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