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Burma 5 stars

Are you looking for a 5 star hotel in Yangon? You can choose from many 5-star hotels in Yangon with great savings. Eat under a blanket of stars of international cuisine with a seductive Asian touch. In Myanmar, for a five star experience, you expect to spend about the same as in Thailand or Vietnam: $200+ per day. Professional title, Front Office Manager at the 5 star International Luxurious Hotel in Yangon, Myanmar.

The Myanmar Times 5-Star Lady

She has a two decade track record in the hotel business where she has demonstrated her leading skills in the services area. She joined Chatrium Hotels & Residences Group where she worked for five years as Associate General Managers for the Myanmar Tourism Marketing Committee and the Nikko Royal Lake Yangon Hotel.

Chatrium Hotel won a hat-trick at the 2016 World Travel Awards by taking the Myanmar 2016 Leaders' Hotel, Myanmar 2016 Leaders' Hotel and Myanmar 2016 Leaders' Hotel Suite (for the sumptuous Royal Lake Suite).

This was the first ever victory of three prizes for a unique one. The Chatrium Hospitality was annually named for Myanmar's Leadership Business Hospitality Industry Business Hospitality from 2012 to 2016 and won the 2015 and 2016 prizes. From 2004 to 2007, it won the World Travel Prize as Myanmar's premier travel destination for four years in a row and was again awarded this year.

The Royal Lake Suite has also been shortlisted for Myanmar's Leaders Suite Awards in 2014, 2015 and 2016. May Myat Mon Win told the Myanmar Times why she was enthusiastic about the work and spoke about the challenge of the business, her management and all the unique people she welcomed at the Chatrium World.

Which are your major tasks as managing director of Chatrium to you? In my capacity as managing director, I take over the entire management of the entire company.

The Chatrium has once again this year received the world's biggest accolades for outstanding travelling achievements. This year we have won three WTAC for outstanding performance in human resources and hospitality. A prize-winning five-star resort, the guests' expectation is high. In order to fulfil them, we all, not only I, but the entire hospitality personnel, must assume more responsibility.

Since 1994 I have been working as a clerk in the company. At that time I didn't know much about the business, but after about a year I began to enjoy my work because I found great joy and gratification in making our customers feel joy.

In addition, while you interact with many and solve their everyday problems, you have to run the everyday business in the city. Everything is now on-line, our visitors are expecting more from us and the way of life of our employees has been changing.

What is the way you run and work with your hotels and their people nowadays? It' not just for the hospitality industry. The most important asset in all occupations is the people. You have to be modest and be eye-to-eye with your employees.

In some cases I would like to see the opposite, where the lower levels of the workforce should have the possibility of submitting their proposals to their boss. In any case, I am treating my employees at the same standard. Which are the pros and cons of a managerial female? The most important persons in the hospitality sector are the clients and the employees.

Well, I think girls have more options in the hospitality business. What celebrities spent the night at the Chatrium World? Our hospitality is very important to us and we treat all our clients the same. How are the Yangon and Bangkok Chatrium properties different?

There is a clear distinction between the Thai tourism sector which has been flourishing for almost 50 years and there is no question that the services and accommodation are provided at a highly qualified standard. People already know what to look forward to, what places to go and what to see in Thailand, while they don't know much about Myanmar.

You know that Myanmar is a wonderful land and you have no clue what it has to offer. How does the landlord handle a complaint about the service? It would be inconceivable not to have any problems with the guests as a motel.

Firstly, it is our task to make our employees in the visitor service familiar with all things in a systematic manner. Our employees usually do not like our customers to tell them that they have to contact the company directors if they have a minor complaints. In the event of major issues, visitors appreciate that the only thing normal employees can do is contact seniority.

If this is the case, the employees of the visitor service should notify their supervisor of the problem and notify the visitor as soon as possible. It is therefore essential in the hospitality sector to be sincere, take responsibilities and ensure the customer is satisfied by resolving their issues immediately. If you do, you have the feeling: "Oh, this property has companies that are better than ours", or "Our hospitality managers need to make some improvements"?

I would think about their service and the way they treated me. If, for example, one of your employees has placed the jar in the incorrect place, I would like to point this out. I' d write down the good points in your room and try to present them in ours.

That is why what they say is true: once a hotelmanager, always ahotelmanager.

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