Myanmar 5

Burma 5

Human rights situation of Rohingya Muslims and other minorities in Myanmar The Strand Hotel in Yangon is one of the best known 5-star hotels in Asia. The Ngwe Saung Beach is one of Myanmar's 3 beach destinations. 940,000 babies were born in 2015. Start your tour in Yangon, the former capital and largest city of Myanmar. Defending Aung La N Sang in defense of a middleweight belt in Myanmar.


A 5-day trip through Myanmar will take you to the former Yangon (Rangoon), the green garden town with a beautiful mix of gold peagodas and English settlement buildings, Bagan (Pagan), one of the wealthiest archeological places in Asia and Mandalay, Burma's last imperial capitol. Go along the U Bein in Amarapura, take the 1,729 step ascent to Mandalay Hill and take a boat across the Ayeyarwady (Irrawaddy) to Mingun to see the world's biggest jingling belfry and the Mingun Pagoda that is still intact.

At Yangon International Airport: Welcome by our native guides and transfers to your accommodation. During your first stroll through the center of Yangon you will see many remarkable sights from the former worship and worship of this town. Cruise along the Yangon River, savour "high tea" at the Strand Park which was once known as the "leading resort in the East" in 1896, and ascend the stairs to the world-famous Shwedagon Pagoda in the evening, described by Somerset Maugham as follows:

"Shwedagon stood gloriously, glittering with its golden, like a suddenly hopeful in the gloomy darkness of the spirit of which the mysterious wrote, glittering against the nebula and fumes of the blossoming town. Shedagon has become the icon of Myanmar. Savour the sundown over the gorge. You' re staying in Yangon.

Transfers to the airfield for your early breakfast flights to Bagan (departure between 06:00 and 07:00), once the most important place for visiting south-east Asia's shrines and palagodas, on the east shore of the Ayeyarwady. A full days visit to Bagan with a wide variety of the most important sites and churches, such as the Shwezigon site, which King Anawrahta erected as a sacred sanctuary in the early eleventh cent; the Gu Byauk Gyi Church, a church with splendid mural paintings of Jataka szenes; and a visit to Bagan;

Ananda Temple, with four giant Buddha statues and many sitting statues in recesses around the gallery's interiors and the Shwe Gu Gyi Temple, known for its delicate stuccoes and panorama view of the many local monument. It is a town known for its lacquer ware and also has a number of interesting buildings, such as the Nanphaya Temple, allegedly the home of King Manuha, and the Gu Byauk Gyi Temple with its very nice frescoes inside.

You can end the outing from the top of one of the higher peaks overlooking the Ayeyarwady River and the crags. Transfers to the Aiport for your early bird migration to Mandalay, Burma's last city. The" city of immortality", about eleven kilometers southwards of Mandalay, was the capitol of Upper Burma until 1850.

You' ll take a rowboat across Lake Taungthaman to the quaint Taungthaman town, cross the U Bein River to Amarapura, one of the longest teak wooden footbridges in the worid at 1,200m. You'll also be taken to a mill where the craft of loom making is still practiced.

Later in the day you will see the Mahamuni Pagoda with its gold-plated Mahamuni Buddha, the oldest Myanmar buddhistic sculpture, the Shwenandaw Monastery, renowned for its fine woodcarvings, and the Kuthodaw Pagoda, renowned for its rock panels with buddhistic engravings for the world's greatest work.

Later, watch the sun go down from Mandalay Hill, a viewpoint with a panorama view of the town. You' ll stay overnight in Mandalay. You will start your half days tour to Mingun after having had your breakfasts. You will have enough ample opportunity to watch the bustle on the riverbank and take a boat ride to the old capitol Mingun (about one hours each way).

The Settawya with its Buddha footprints and the Mingun Belfry, the greatest tinkling bells in the worid; see the incomplete Mingun Belfry constructed as the greatest Belfry in the worid and the Hsinbyume Belfry, a re-creation of the mythologic mountain Meru. We return to Mandalay, so there is enough spare minute to see some of the renowned crafts such as woodcarvings and stone carvings or goldfleat-making.

Departure for Yangon in the evening. After your arrivals you will be transferred to the hotels, check-in and accommodation. When you are in the spirit and want to get up to speed with Burma's cultural life, why not take an interesting walk on the tram or take a relaxing walk around the Bogyoke Square (closed on Mondays and holidays) for a few last-minute purchases.

In the afternoons you will be transferred to the international airports for your departure flights. XanGon: Fax: +95 2 61556.

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