Myanmar 5

Burma 5

Southeast Asia is regularly used as a collective term for the countries south of China and north of Australia, but that makes Myanmar unique. A 5 day tour offers you the best destinations in Myanmar. Myanmar is a dazzling Southeast Asian jewel, with breathtaking scenery and dozens of bucket-listing attractions. Myanmar's 12 Best Accommodations: Resolution S-27/1 of the Human Rights Council of 5 December 2017.

About Myanmar? There are 5 good reason to go

Burma is one of the most friendly places in the whole wide globe. It seems that humans never stop to smile, and although English is not generally speaking, the Myanmar tribe will go its way to help aliens. It' s not uncommon for local residents to be sharing meals with aliens on the trains or inviting travellers to their homes for a nice glass of coffee or a quick one.

They really do like their land and want to live it with the guests, so don't be shy when someone asks you out! Though not as famous as Viennese or Thailand dishes, Myanmar cooking is amazingly delicious. Some things are quite special in Myanmar, such as mussinga (a fish-based broth with ricemodles and many side dishes) and le pet choke (a ferment tea-leaf and roasted coffee baked in the bean salad).

While Myanmar is modernising, more and more often tribal peoples are sticking to their traditions. There is nothing more thrilling than celebrating with the local population while they are singing, dancing and playing folk music.

Estimates suggest that 90% of Myanmar's populace are Buddhists and religious beliefs play an important part in their everyday lives. Burma is a huge nation with a relatively small inhabitant. At least try to take a Roadtrip or cycle on your Myanmar vacation to enjoy these wonderful landscapes.

Key of Myanmar Tour - 5 nights

Arrive at Yangon International Airport. After your check-in you will be transferred to your accommodation. Begin a trip to the centre of the town, the old town, and the Sule Pagoda - a symbol of Yangon town. Shedagon Pagoda - described by Somerset Maugham: "The Shwedagon ascended splendidly, glittering with its golden, like a suddenly appearing hopefulness in the shadowy darkness of the spirit of which the mysterious writers glitter against the mists and fumes of the blossoming city".

Walk through this beautiful building and its patios, stupas, bell, temple and Buddha pictures and see people from all parts of the world, both worshippers and the world. Shedagon has become the icon of Myanmar. Karaweik Palace Restaurant for a cultural show evening meal. Accommodation in Yangon. Reception at the motel.

On the early bird's eye view of Bagan, where you will be spending the whole afternoon studying the architectonic treasures of this astonishing antique city, a vibrant treasury of Buddhist beauty. Excursions begin with a tour of Nyaung U Markt - a traditional regional fair; followed by visiting the most striking Pagoda like the Shwezigon Pagoda - the most sacred, preserved with Buddha teeth and fur; the Htilominlo Tempel - the biggest of Bagan, Ananda Tempel - King Kyansittha's work of art and the coronation of the early architectonic Thatbyinnyu Tempel - the highest edifice in the Bagan Plains.

Watch the sun set over the city of Bangan from the Shwesandaw Pagoda. In the local restaurant for lunches and dinners. Reception at the motel. Transfers to the Aiport for the early birdie to Mandalay, the spirit of Myanmar. You will stop in Amarapura - the "City of the Immortals" - and stop at the 150-year-old Mahagandayon Monastery, a renowned Buddhist learning centre, on your way to Mandalay.

Weaver in Myanmar and see it all. Afternoon sightseeing in Mandalay - the last city of the Myanmar Empire, including Mahamuni Buddha Image - poured in bronce in front of Buddha himself and today gilt with thick sheet metal; Foliage-hammers, carvings and tapestries, Shwenandaw monasteries - still a treasure of the last Myanmar Empire's architectural masterpieces in tea and woodcarving; Kuthodaw Pagoda - known as the greatest of its kind in the whole wide open spaces; and Mandalay Hill - a Mandalay Hill watchtower on the Mandalay Plains - to see the sundown.

In the local restaurant for lunches and dinners. Accommodation in Mandalay. Reception at the motel. You can take the early bird back to Yangon. Visiting the Chaukhtatgyi Pagoda, where the largest lying Buddha picture of Myanmar (73m long) is located. The afternoons will see Swedaw Paya (Buddha's dental relic), Kabar Aye (World Peace Pagoda), the Buddhist Museum and the Mahapasana Cave, where the Buddhist synods take place.

The Bogyoke Markt used to be Scott Markt, the biggest Yangon fair with plenty of free day to shop among 100's of souvenirs, handicrafts and malls. In Yangon, we will have lunches and dinners at the local restaurant. Reception at the motel. From the airport you will see Kyauktawgyi Pagoda and Royal White Elephant.

Pythagorean Kyauktawgyi Pagoda is also known as Lawka Chanthar Arbayar Laba Muni Buddha Image. Dinner at the local restaurant. Transfers to Yangon International Airport for departures.

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