Myanmar 1989

Burma 1989

Burma Law Reports (1989 - until today). SLORC adopted the name "Union of Myanmar" in June 1989. 1989 MYANMAR KALENDER by U Sann Aung, curated by Mayco Naing. Burma 1989 - Calendar with holidays. Annual calendar with the months for the year 1989.

Myanmar, 1989

The uprising was a nationwide non-violent and democratic uprising that began in Burma (now Myanmar) on August 8, 1988, when Yangon's first student protests began. This uprising ended on 18 September 1988 after a violent state law and order restoration council (SLORC) war. The Tatmadaw (Burmese Army ) murdered tens of thousand, mostly civilian and monk (mainly students).

In early 1989 I stayed a whole months in Asia and was lucky enough to get an entrance visas to Burma from Thailand. My pass was numbered 263 on February 24, 1989, which means that the Myanmar authorities approved less than 300 visitors this past monday. The 1989 slide show is devoted to the Myanmar tribe, once again confronted with one of the most violent regime in the entire state.

When I visited the land was still known as Burma, and its biggest town was Rangoon. SLORC adopted the name "Union of Myanmar" in June 1989. Yangon was also rebranded Yangon. Those photos are non-professional photos for tourists. Hopefully you can still feel some of Burma's beautiful. These photos show practically no people: My whole trip was monitored by the state and I was often alerted that my cameras would be seized if I was captured taking photos of them.

That is why these pictures of the Burmese nation are actually being censured. In the Shwedagon Pagoda in Rangoon, my leaders showed spots on the sidewalk where the murder of a few month ago was marred by blackness. "20,000 priests and nuns walked the Shwedagon Gold Pagoda in Yangon on September 24, 2007 (the biggest protests in 20 years).....

The Myanmar police reported that on September 26, 2007, at least five demonstrators were killed by Myanmar's military force in a clash between police officers and tens of thousand demonstrators headed by Buddhist friars in Myanmar. In Rangoon, I stopped by The Strand. She didn't have a weird website in 1989 with first-class accommodation.

Since 1989, these photos have been sitting in a sliding table in a draw. During the same journey I also travelled to Thailand, and I fear that some pictures of Thailand may be among those I represent as Burma. I do not intend to disturb Burma and Thailand - many years have passed since my arrival.

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