Myanmar 10000 Kyat Note

Burma 10000 Kyat Note

Get great deals on Myanmar Burma 2015 banknotes 10000 Kyat UNC. CYAT 2012 ELEPHANT UNC BURMA TEMPL CURRENCY MONETARY BILL NOTE. The K10,000 note seemed genuine at first glance - but an extensive investigation under a lamp at a neighborhood stand revealed it to be a fake. This 10000-kyats note has many colors, but is mainly light blue. These notes Issue date, 15.


Federal Reserve Issues New 10,000 Kyat Notes

Myanmar Central Bank (CBM) is announcing that a revised 10,000 kyat note will be released next months to extend the period of maturity and avoid counterfeiting. RIANGOON - The Central Bank of Myanmar (CBM) on Thursday reported that a revised 10,000 kyat note will be released next Thursday to extend the period of maturity and avoid counterfeiting.

According to a recent press release, the new bond will have no impact on the statutory cash position of the bonds outstanding in June 2012. While the note's format, base pattern and colour remain the same, the new banknotes have reflecting numbers, a lacquer and a water mark representing a batch that is seen when the note is held against the sun.

Worth less than $8.9 now, new 10,000 Kyat notes on the roads.

New K10,000 notes have been in use since the beginning of July. Sizes, base designs and colours remain the same, but the new notes have a lacquer, a l Lotus logo and reflecting numbers that can be seen under the lights to increase safety and extend the orbit.

Unleashing the update fueled the fear of domestic economies for the economy, but this reflects more reactions to the central bank than real cautiousness. Burma has a tumultuous past with the advent of new laws. The 25, 35 and 75 Kyat grades were demonized in 1987, destroying much of the country's accrued riches.

Ever since, every monetary upgrade has raised unsubstantiated concern, for example when the Kyat resized in 2004. However, the present Federal Reserve has proved to be more robust and capable than in the past.

New Myanmar 10,000 kyat grade (B118) approved

Myanmar's central bank has launched a new 10,000 kyat banknote with improved safety characteristics to further improve banknote performance and avoid counterfeiting. The note is the same as the previous B116, but with a lower right front label in Myanmar numbers with SPARK, a new water mark and a protection on both sides to prolong the orbit time.

Guilloché pattern; two bulls flank the bay leaf ring with a general view of Myanmar. Magenta to golden safety threads with demetallized MYANMAR SPW. The lotus flower and electric type 10000. SAFETY PRINTERS (micro-printing).

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