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Undiscovered by the old Maya in 10 End of the World movies

The film spoiler is included in this item, and some of the film segments may contain footage that is not appropriate for young children. Of course, the end of the earth is a terror of many people. Nevertheless, the end of the underworld seems to be something on which there is at least broad agreement.

If you believe in raptures of religion or a nukehole, the end results are the same - we're all fucked. Here we are again at the bottomless pit of the end of the earth. Whilst many, especially in the area of religion, have forecast many data as the end, this is the one that seems to have been forecast long before we questioned it.

Maya' s long counting schedule ends in 2012, the midwinter Solstice. Actually, though, how could we reasonably link a Mystery Day of Judgement to the end date of an old calender? But don't worry, NASA says we're all good and that when you run out of pages, there''s no end to it.

NASA's recent declaration set out the ridicule of the end of global anxiety and why we have stuck to the schedule of the Belians. "History began with the claim that Nibiru, an allegedly Sumerian discoverer, is heading for Earth. The disaster was originally foreseen for May 2003, but when nothing occurred, the date of judgment was postponed to December 2012 and associated with the end of one of the old December 2012 Midwinter 2012 Christmas Eve calendars - hence the date of judgment of December 21, 2012," NASA said.

They' even published an (early) movie to tell why the worid didn't end. It is clear from the pop arts, literature, television, films and other medias that we are possessed by the end of the underworld. There' s been a variety of end of the worid or Apocalypse tales - but most stop killing us all.

There' s always this ray of light of hope that mankind and more precisely - the planet Earth - will outlast. When the proposals came on Twitter, I thought, which movies actually show the end of the run? As if the worid of being planet earth was actually ruined. It is not rescued like in Armageddon or only the endangered mankind like in The Day After Tomorrow, but rather it has been ruined by nature or other worlds.

Something unforeseen happens at the end of this awesome movie that spits out the ghoulish kind. It turns out that the huge furious devils in the earth didn't get their pickings from victim bloody offerings, so we're all fucked. Shortly before the end closings a huge arm is shooting out of the floor and bangs on the floor, which means the end of the game.

If it weren't for this satire Stanley Kubrick classics, any lists of the planetary devastation, atomic weaponry or the like would be incomplete. However, the most popular sequence from the film is Slim Pickens as Major T.J. Kong, who rides a bombshell like a rock stars until it detonates.

Earth is being torn down to make room for an inter-stellar motorway. This film ( "I'm also fully conscious of the TV series) played with your new favourite hobbit Martin Freeman and a charming Mos Def. The earth will of course be rebuilt later, but the copy is never as good as the originals.

It is a movie with the always multifaceted Nic Cage as a teacher (smothering laugh), who begins to see the pattern in numbers and predict the near end of the aisle. At the end, sun eruptions are burning the earth and the children are walking with aliens. Through a very intimate objective, this self-contained Don McKellar movie from Canada pulls the audience into the last night on earth.

The overlapping tales are focused on a group of Toronto dwellers who are spending their last nights with an ever-growing solar threat to Earth. Featuring every plot or tension, the movie ends with a really sad New Year's Eve count down. In 2011 in Cannesirsten Dunst received the prize for the best actress for this rousing play about the end of the earth.

This artistic, self-reflective, swinging movie will either question your small life or let you take a siesta. Featuring a feature review of the Herds and before ER Anthony Edwards and Mare Winningham, this movie is about loving, regretting and taking risks. Of course they don't make it, and the hinted atomic Holocaust ends the movie.

With Gregory Peck, Ava Gardner, Fred Astaire and Anthony Perkins, this 1964 feature length feature length video is set in the futut. Postapocalyptic desolation threatens to end all living on Earth (which at this time is almost only Australia) with a huge ray of light. It is probably the most enchanting, funniest and loveable picture that ends with the destruction of the earth I have ever seen.

With the always friendly Steve Carell, the soundtrack follows his journeys after the upcoming end of the earth has been proclaimed (a Deep Impact kind of missions cannot kill an asteroid) to find a long forgotten one. The Don Blouth animation began with the earth's devastation by a kind named "Drej", which does not seem to like man so much.

Fortunately, Cale (voiced by Matt Damon) has the keys to a new earth. Unfortunately, the film was suffering from the fact that it sometimes took itself too seriously and others too childishly. Don Bluth is a film about the near end of mankind that didn't work as planned.

So, if not a film about the end of the earth, what will you see if the old Maia prophesy comes through? If you don't read this after the twenty-first, we'll continue this conversation at the next end of the man.

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