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Burma travel guide and itinerary

Myanmar has been a paradise on the global politics stage for years and opened its gates to tourists, with Aung Sun Suu Kyi encouraged the visitor to the Golden Land, as Myanmar, former Burma, is known by its people. In the past, coming here and getting a visas was a huge task, but that has been changing, and ATMs, broadband and all kinds of other formerly banned things have put Myanmar solidly on the South East Asia tour route.

Whilst there are still areas of the land that cannot be visited and others that still costs a great deal, most people are more temporary than restricted by travelling, as Myanmar is a large nation with still sluggish roads and finite infrastructures to cope with all newcomers. The majority of travelers to Yangon, formerly known as Rangoon, are flying half way between a fracturing former UK colonisation and a massive, messy rainstorm.

Yangon's old rural villas are still preserved, the city centre is full of impressive side roads, but overall Yangon is not long in search of sight. No trip to the land would be complete without a trip to Shwedagon Paya, the holiest and most venerated place in all of Myanmar.

Sparkling gold chedee and stupa and their figure as the centre of Burmese Buddhism attracts tens of thousands, and visiting at dawn or dusk is memorable. Myanmar's best properties are also located in Yangon, with places like Belmond Governor's Mansion or the beach with a lot of colorful charms and comforts.

From Yangon, a few hrs away, you can go to Bago, which has one of the biggest Buddhas in the whole wide open space, or further down the street, Kyaiktiyo, where a huge gold cliff is sitting on a hill that falls off like one of Buddha's hair but is supposed to be kept in place, making it another great pilgrim goal that you have to see to believe.

The Mandalay is a favourite travel spot, probably more because of the infamous kiplings references than because of the place itself. Myanmar's most beloved travel spot is Bagan, a small town on the bank of the Ayeryawaddy River with a thousand antique shrines. Now that all-inclusive buses are permanently in sight, it is still possible to find quiet and unexplored gemstones here, just by cycling and hiking, as the Temple spreads over a large area that is not overdeveloped. =====> See the RELATED link below to discover your itinerary.

The next favourite tourist attraction in Myanmar is Lac Inle. Situated in the Shan Hills in the eastern part of the island, this large fresh water pond is home not only to a mixture of ethnical minority communities but also to a variety of indigenous sealife. The town is best known for its icons of "one-legged" fisherman, as it is where locals have mastered the skill of boating their dug-out canoe with one foot and have their free hand to work their own fishnets and snares that are so important for the fisherman's live.

Travelers can rent a boat here to see the lakes and its municipalities, observe the fishers at work and get to know a wide range of interesting metallurgical branches, from rolls of tobaccos to lotuses to textile weavers. Myanmar also has wonderful sands, from the untouched stretch of beach at Ngapali Beach to the recently opened Mergui Archipelago in the southern part, where you can cruise on a liveaboard that combines scuba with exploring recently explored isles.

Burma is rapidly evolving, and now is the ideal moment to investigate. You can visit Myanmar all year round. Myanmar's most beloved period is either overwintering or the cold period from November to February. Throughout this period, the day will be comfortably hot, sunshiny and arid, with nights, especially up in Bagan in the northern part and on Inle Lake, turning into pullover nights.

The hottest period is from March to May, when it is very uncomfortably dirty and burningly warm, with temperature everywhere above 100°C and very restricted sight due to slash-and-burn. It is not the perfect moment to come to Myanmar, although there will be far fewer visitors, not to speak of Thingan in mid-April, the Burmese New Year, which is a similar event to Songkran in Thailand.

June-October is the wet period, with the rains increasing later, especially in September. Apart from Ngapali and the Mergui Archipelago, most people do not come to Myanmar for a seaside vacation, so a visit at this hour can be very beautiful as everything is verdant. The Bagan area is also in an extreme dry area, so it doesn't get too much raining here to disturb the visit to the temples.

Myanmar visas are good for 28 nights, and since transportation is sluggish and the land is big, most people will have to make decisions about where to go. You' ll be in Yangon for a whole working weekend, flying to Bagan for three nights and then making a trip to Kyaiktiyo Golden Rock.

The installation in Inle and Bagan will also be very fast when air travel. When you have two week this is ideal as you can go to both Inle Lake and Bagan, stay a few nights in Yangon and even have a few relaxing nights at Ngapali Beach.

Dive the common Inle, Bagan and Yangon triangles, as well as an adventurous trip to Chin State, to Hispaw to the northeast and even to the southwest to dive in the Mergui Archipelago. Myanmar is high seasons from mid-November to February, with very busy tourism in December and to mid-January.

Bookings, especially for accommodations in Bagan and Inle, are strongly recommended during this period. In July and August, the summers in Europe also see an increase in overcrowding. While Thingan, Burma's New Year festival, will be fully packed from April 13 to 15, the calmest period of the year is probably March to May, during the year.

Burma has an unbelievable variety of topographic extreme and a correspondingly diverse weather. It' a warm, tropic seasonal target, characterized by three seasons: the cold (which means "less hot" for most tourists), the warm and the soaking. The November-February period in the vast majority means nice sunshine in the 80s and 90s, and colder than before.

June-to-September or October is the wet period, characterized by strong monsoons, slightly lower temperature, but high air humid. This is not necessarily the case in northern Myanmar or Chin State, as these areas are at high altitude. Winter or cold times of the year are ice-cold, and even the hottest time of the year is quite tolerable here.

Burma is not as inexpensive as neighbouring Thailand. Winters can be very hard, especially in Bagan and Inle, as the courses are fully reserved well in advance. 2. But Myanmar is not an expensively targeted country. Myanmar's local money is Kyoto (pronounced chat). In the past there was a carbon trading system for Kyoto, but today the goverment and the exchange rate-of-them are the same, and ATMs can be found in all important travel locations, giving you Kyoto at today's global prices against the US Dollars.

When staying in 5-star accommodations, they are priced at $150-200 per overnight and more, and if you are flying inland to conserve your travel times, you will spend almost $100 on each itinerary. In addition, you will get another $100 plus plus back on a Bagan trip. Burma's currency exchange rates are currently just under 1200 for one US$.

Myanmar's internal flight routes are quite high, as there are no genuine low-cost airlines, unlike Thailand or Vietnam. However, individual trips from Yangon to Bagan or Inle costs about $100 and may be worthwhile to help reduce travel times and the night. Renting a vehicle is now permitted in Myanmar, but the vehicle must come with a resident drive, so it's really not a rent ave.

Ensure you have traveller protection before arriving in Myanmar. There are few low grade health care institutions outside Yangon. Burma's currency exchange rates are close to 1200 for one US$. Cyat grades are 1, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000, 5000 and 10,000.

ATMs are now available in all the main travel locations in Myanmar, including Mandalay, Bagan, Inle and Yangon. But off the well-trodden paths, there are still no institutions like the Chin State. People in Myanmar do not pay a lot of gratuities, but wages are low and most staff have come to appreciate it and are expecting some advice from the travelers.

A tip of 1000 kyats (just under $1) is sufficient for porter, cabbie, bellboy and waiter. Finding your way around Myanmar can be difficult. International services to Bagan and Nyaungshwe (for Inle Lake), Mandalay, Ngapali Beach and other touristic sites. Well asphalted between Yangon and Mandalay, but it is still a long stop.

Same with Bagan and Inle. In addition, the journey between Bagan and Inle lasts a whole full days. It is possible to travel by ferry from Mandalay on the Ayeryawaddy River to Bagan, another full-aylong journey. Yangon has inexpensive and abundant taxicabs, although they do not use counters and are prone to overloading overcrowding.

Upstairs in Bagan you can move around with a large selection of means of transport. Bikes and power-rolls are available for rental, there are tuks and cars to take you to where you want to go, and you can even take a coach to see the wreck. Long tail boat rentals are available in Inle Lake to circumnavigate the area.

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