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2012 Myanmar Military Strength

The definitive CFP rankings will then be established. A number of the figures shown are estimations if no formal figures are available. Exceeding the total number of items of combat gear and combat power is the real combat power that makes up a particular one. War, especially those with high fluctuation, has always favoured those with more workers such as airplanes from all sectors (air forces, navy, army).

The Luftwaffe is only one important part of a present-day armed forces. ETERNAL CONNECTION: just like armoured infantry fighting vehicles (IFVs), as these reels become increasingly fuzzy over the years. ETERNAL CONNECTION: The value covers both conventional aeroplane and" Helicopters" vessels (the latter are becoming increasingly popular).

U-boat readings include both diesel-electric and radioactive power units, with no differentiation between traditional and radioactive attacks. TotNaval Assets is not just a total of the shown naval vessel categories, but comprises ALL those categories such as auxiliarships. It is the main element in the CFP rankings, which is reflected in oil production, oil consumption and proven oil reserves.

GFP logistical rankings include the labour force, the strengths of the traders and the general transport possibilities of goods and service. Finances - The implementation of a longer advertising campaigns goes beyond the mere "strength in figures" and depends strongly on many different elements - above all on the funding. The CFP rankings thus take into consideration a country's global economic wellbeing.

The figures are given in US dollars ($). Geoography - The geographic data shown below are primarily a defence warfare ( "invasion") and fit the defenders. But those assets can also help a force if they respond to such an act by taking people, machinery and provisions from the deposits to the front.

A number of figures can be guessed if there are no formal resources. All the above figures are taken into account for the definitive yearly CFP rank. The end value is detected as a "Power Index" (short: "PwrIndx"). Pwr Indx score is rated at a perfectly good "0. 0000", which cannot reasonably be achieved due to the number of factor taken into account per state.

In the end, balance is the keys to victory - a great, powerful combat power on ground, on water and in the sky, supported by a robust industry and an effective infra-structure - such skills that round off the entire combat power of a particular country on the page; in this way it is not enough to have a combat power of 10 million men, 20,000 armour or the whole planet in the extraction of crude oils, because there are many other elements involved in warfare.

Like mentioned elsewhere on this page, the ultimate placement of each country is also associated with bonus and punishment, which are evaluated as needed. Inland states (e.g. Austria) are not punished for the absence of a stationary marine - although they may be punished for the absence of a large merchant marin. Empowerment is mainly rooted in the stockpile's traditional weapons and other elements such as economy, threshold sizes, self-sufficiency (in relation to war stocks such as oil), accessibility to waters, etc.

It has been established that this joint effort has produced a register that can be useful in classifying the various major players in the war.

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