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Burmese policeman detail stab on Rohingya carnage reporter YANGON: A Myanmar officer now doing time gave a tribunal more detail on Wednesday about how he said two Reuters journalists were set up by the YANGON policemen in a case that has become a milestone of media freedoms for the South East Asia people. Moe Yan Naing, 47, who was convicted of breaching law enforcement disciplines and imprisoned for one year since his initial statement on April 20, reported that a commissioner of the law had ordered Reuters journalist Wa Lone to give "secret" missions.

"Moe Yan Naing said to the reporter after the interview, "I gave the report as I know and as I saw it. Said he didn't repent of what he said. "The Yangon tribunal has been conducting trials since January to determine whether Wa Lone 32 and his Reuters counterpart Kyaw Soe Oo, 28, are indicted under the Official Secrets Act of that time.

Moe Yan Naing said in a report that followed close on from his initial statement, but went into detail, that on 12 December 12hrs before the arrest of the reporter, he was one of the six senior police interrogators who had previously been questioned by Wa Lone's Police Special Branch.

According to Moe Yan Naing, General Tin Ko Ko headed the in-house investigations. Tin Ko Ko Ko Ko found out that one of the six, Lance Corporal Naing Lin, was in touch with Wa Lone but had not personally known him. He ordered Naing Lin to use his telephone to make a date with Wa Lone that night.

"Moe Yan Naing said to Judge Ye Lwin and oversaw the trial, "I know that Police Brigadier General Tin Ko Ko Ko ordered Police Lance Corporal Naing Lin to give Wa Lone front line papers related to our operations in order to have him apprehended. Tin Ko Ko Ko Ko said that if they didn't get "Wa Lone", they would be imprisoned.

Reuuters was not able to get in touch with Tin Ko Ko Ko or Naing Lin for a coment. According to Moe Yan Naing, a spokesperson for the brigade said that the general "has no excuse to do such a thing". The prosecution initially asked Moe Yan Naing to testify, but asked the tribunal to make him untrustworthy after his statement seemed to subvert their case.

And Moe Yan Naing was taken to trial in chains and a deep bluish jail uniforms, in opposition to his first performance last months, when he wore the uniforms of his chief of policemen and was not cuffed. He said he talked to Wa Lone at the end of November about policing in Rakhine.

Said Wa Lone presented himself as a journalist and Moe Yan Naing in a teahouse in Eighth World War I. She and her three kids were expelled from the Naypyitaw Domestic Institution the following morning after the first witness statement by Moe Yan Naing. According to policemen, the evacuation had nothing to do with the reporters' case, but the background was long indue.

After the interview, Wa Lone said to reporters that Moe Yan Naing "courageously demonstrated that there are those in our societies who love honesty and justice".

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