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The seroadaptive behavior of men having intercourse with men in Myanmar. - PubMed

A serosorting (i.e. the choice of mates of the same HIV serostate to decrease the risks of infection with non-protected sex) and other types of sero-adaptation (i.e. addressing different behaviours according to a gender and mate serostate hierarchical risk) are general phenomenon described for men who have intercourse with men (MSM) in the mature age group.

In 2013-2014 we investigated the serial adaptive behaviour of MSM in Yangon, Myanmar. Of the HIV-lowering MSM, 43.1% in some way sero-adaptation inc. serosortation (21.8%), with potentially sterodiscordant ass occlusion condom (19.3%) and sero-positioning (1.7%). Sortation of seros, 36.0% of HIV-positive MSMs, potentially serial discordant asses, 7.0% in sero-positioning and 46.5% in any kind of sero-adaptation are used.

In HIV-negative and HIV-positive MSM, sero-adaptation was more frequent than the use of condoms (38.0% and 26.7% respectively). Myanmar's MSMs engage in similar seroadaptives as MSMs in developed world.

Myanmar's sex poll

They were detained alongside sexual labourers like Thuzar Win, who were criminalized by Myanmar's tough antiprostitution legislation, when campaigners like Daw Sander Min were arrested on Aung San Suu Kyi's National League for Democracy account. Sandar Min is now a member of the Min and Thuzar Win speaks to the House on account of the Myanmar sexual worker group.

As Myanmar is ready to become the new world center of sexual travel, Sandar Min and Thuzar Win are convinced that the futures of millions of young men and women who are sexually coerced each year depend on the decriminalization of sexuality.

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