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Göttliche International Discoveries & Hikes

Myanmar is still the mythical "Golden Land". Surely one of the most expansive lands in the whole wide globe - a country of amazing natural beauties and enchantment that inspired Kipling to write these pertinent words: "than any country you'll ever know." Burma is a haven to be discovered, a haven for demanding travelers to rediscover and enjoy the mystic appeal of the East in all its variety - lush archeological places, sparkling peaks, a plethora of civilizations, colorful festivities and art.

Burma is also a paradise with an impressive array of scenic attractions - scenic landscapes, luxuriant fruitful plain, huge untouched jungle, magnificent snow-capped hills, unspoilt shores with crystalline water, scented pines and sunnyflowers. The Divine will bring you charming Myanmar - before crowds lose their tropical charms - and you can announce that you are one of the few people in the whole wide globe who have ever set foot in this wonderful state.

You will travel back in time to the places that inspired innumerable travelers to Myanmar - the last regal capitol Mandalay, sunsets over the thousand sanctuaries of Bagan and the Yangon people. Fulfill your discovery dreams with our joint tour around the islands' wonderful sandy isles. Then we will discover the mangroves, the indigenous convent and the tribe, round off our adventure with a shore celebration and relax under the starry Andaman Sea.

The timeless allure of Myanmar - Yangon, Bagan, Mandalay, Timeless. It is the trip that takes you to the places that inspired innumerable travellers to Myanmar - the last regal capitol Mandalay, sunsets over the thousand sanctuaries in Bagan, picturesque boat trips on the picturesque Inle Lake and the Yangon Colon. It is Divine that makes you discover the country-style charm of Loikaw on your feet - unspoilt and the ideal holiday destination for urbanists.

Explore the wonderful Kayah hills and the world' s most renowned Kayan, whose'long-necked' women' people have a long history of sporty twists around their throat. Discover Myanmar's culture and rural adventure together as a whole and as a whole group. Scale the Bagan Hills, take a horse-drawn carriage tour, explore the surrounding towns and finish your journey at picturesque Ngapali Beach.

Myanmar's magic side will fascinate the whole mob. Uncover and experience Myanmar together on this exciting off-path vacation for families. Burma is a wonderful and cultural land and with its recently opened doors to tourists, the moment has come to come to this rapidly growing city.

Journey back in history and explore Myanmar's old treasure, gold monuments, busy market places and get to know the people. Would you like a personal Myanmar adventure?

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