Myaing hay Wun Elephant Camp

Muaying Hay Wun Elephant Camp

The Myaing Hay Wun elephant camp: The Myaing Hay Wun Elephant Park is a small zoo in Burma. About the Elephants of Myanmar ! Myaing Hay Wun Yangon. The Myaing Hay Wun Elephant Camp is located in the Taikkgyi Township of the Yangon Division.

The Myaing Hay Wun Elephant Camp Tour

Horse & feed the Myanmar elephant! On the Htauk Kyant Allied Wars Church, the biggest military graveyard containing more than 6,000 tombs, you can record, stop and see the lives of 27,000 Allied soldiers killed in Myanmar during the Second World War. Allied soldiers who died in Myanmar during the Second World Peace Crisis can be seen at the Htauk Kyant Allied Wars Church. Then you will take a Chinese motor car to Kun Thee Myaung Village, where the bulls are awaiting to take you to camp.

After your check-in, after a break, you will have a nice meal and then watch the paths of Burmese elephant life (Elephus Maximus); the elephant show begins with the beautiful elephant running on the SquareTeak Beam in a single log. The elephant is thought to walk most humbly and subtle of all creatures in the Royal Elegance atmosphere.

Therefore, there is no question that the Burmese King used the Great Elephants as their main means of transport and as one of the weapons of war. As the largest overland creature in the worid, its power is controlled not only by humans fighting in the past, but also in the wood industry then and now.

Myanmar is home to around 10,000 bulls in both encampments and wilderness, according to forest ministries. We are currently organizing the elephant camp with two elephant camp, Myaing Hay Wun and Phoe Kyar. They are both located near the Bago Yoma mountain range, where the wood is mainly obtained with the work of Myanmar elephant.

The elephant riding tour at the elephant camp gives you the size of the royal family and the jungle feel. The elephant riding and the observation of wildlife and vegetation offers you an memorable reminder of your stay in Myanmar. To hear the tales of Sin Oo Zies or the patron saint of the elephant is really moving.

There' s a telepathic link between the elephant and his Sin Oo Zie. Notice: This camp is now closed and it is not known when it will be reopened.

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