Mya Yatanar Inn

Centenary Inn Mya Yatanar

The Mya Ya Ta Nar Inn aka Mya Mya Mya Guesthouse is an institution in Pakokku. The Bagan Forum can anyone know if the mya yatanar inn in mya yatanar is still open for forigners? or can anyone recordomed a guest house there? Compared to Bagan Hotel; unworthy room for your pay.

Incidentally, do you know that Bagan Pakistanokku is already open and easily accessible from Bagan?

Some interesting areas near Bagan are ; Sale' I was at her house in September 2012...... highly recommendable for 1 or 2 night. Did a room with en-suite bathroom and ventilator (a/c not necessary) for Ky7,000...the only place in 28 days I was quoted room cost in Kyat. ýtho i think you can be paying anywhere in Kyat.

There is a 1 hours shuttle to Bagan. The thread has been discontinued due to apathy. Hopefully you will join the discussion by publishing an open subject or start a new one. If we do not comply with our policies, we will delete any postings and we retain the right to delete postings for any cause.

Centenary Inn Mann Myanmar in Mandalay

The Myanmar Inn is ideal for both commercial and recreational trips and is located in eastern Mandalay, one of the city's most beloved places. Because of its favourable position, the guesthouse provides simple entrance to the sights of the town. In Myanmar Inn every possible endeavor is made to make the visitors enjoy themselves.

For this purpose, the resort offers the best facilities and facilities. During accommodation on this beautiful estate, visitors can benefit from free Wi-Fi in all rooms, 24-hour reception, baggage deposit, Wi-Fi in common areas, parkingservice. There are 28 wonderfully equipped rooms, many with LCD/plasma TV, free Wi-Fi connection, non-smoking rooms, A/C, wake-up-care.

Whichever your reasons for coming to Mandalay, Myanmar Inn is the ideal place to take an exiting and thrilling down.

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