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The MYA patient Charlotte talks about her first week with new breasts, the emotions and how she heals. Photos of York Yates Plastic Surgery before and after. Pictures before & after! - might room Homepage' Forums' Archives' Pictures before & after! Hello in the still looking for greats and see my doctor Mon!

Hey there, humor me, I trust you don't object to the addition. As is the ache I am taking and I know that the cure is slightly longer and slightly more aching.

Hey, sweetheart, I trust you don't object to my putting you in there! I' m new to all this, an operation in just over a weeks and I' m paralyzed!

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I had a terrible experiance with Mya. You got my medicinal comments and noted that I had tricotillomania they didn't know what it was, but ruled that this was a medicinal issue and I had to get approval from my doctors that I was fit medicinally. You only got my medicinal comments in October after my counselling was in July my operation was due in December and they had already taken my 500 pounds deposit to save a date.

Finally I received a note from my physician saying that my habits were not a health issue. Now Mya didn't want to see it after I paid for this note. There is so little known about it and I have never seen it as a medical issue, I have a bland case and I am forgetting that I have it since I can't recall not having it so its just part of me.

Misconceptibility my theologian opportunity its for them to stronghold my sum so that I won't disclose it if I don't knowing that it's a examination question and the the theologian agree that's not mine. So I went to a counseling at MYA and saw a very intrusive salesman who was recommending a rhinoplasty plastic surgery specialist (Dr. Giannitrapani).

That physician said what he could do for me, and I was sure he knew what he was saying, and the trial would go well. I' ve been lucky for about 3 consecutive nights after seeing my results, but things have been changing dramatically over the course of a year. Took MYA six month to take me to my trauma nurse who said to come back after a year, and the second date was also a fight.

He made me uncomfortable to say that I had realistic hopes and did not admit any mistakes, but also agreed to a review. Had I had the chance to think about the process and explore more, I would have found the innumerable other clients he has messed up and decided to go to someone who is not.

However I was lucratively discounted (£500 off) and last minutes annulment data to cut the waiting period signnficantly as long as I put the full amount down within a weeks. MYA or my surgeons, I wouldn't advise anyone. Having the poorest experiance with MYA when I had my counseling with the doctor, they didn't make me with any trust, impolite and felt as if the date was rushing.

So I went on to see more counselors I consented to booking a nasal project that got out £9500 got my surgery date in and then got a telephone call to say they have contracted twice and I can't match in on that date anymore and then next date is in a few months case.

It was horrible, it took me eternities to get my dough back!!!! First I thought the procedure was really good and all the employees were really nice, then I had my operation, the doctor was nice and the examinations were done regularly and okay. I' ve been telling them every single times I haven't been satisfied with my final results.

You should have 3 moths time to talk it all over with your doctor, but you haven't received a hearing 4 mths later. MYA' s gals couldn't have made me more at ease, would have recommended 1000%! bsolut astonishing! All my Leeds Clinic experiences to meet my computer Katy, who has been my cliff and my boyfriend during my whole trip to meet the Genie who is Dr Mounir, who has totally transformed my whole of my live with a few hour, and I will be really thankful forever that he is working his magic on me!

Up to now, the experiment has been so much better than transforming. Mister Traynor was absolutelyley stunning, just to the point and love the look and didn't want me to look stupidly really delighted with the result and all the personnel at Preston First Trust, just the aftertreatment of MYA won't matter once you have had your surgery they are on to the next getting as much commission as possible!

They are unbelievable! They are unbelievable! My is a great time so far, I've received astonishing advices and have been led in the way I wanted! Candy was awesome with me! I had a great time with them, very satisfied with my results and would definitely use mya again!

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