My Trip to Burma

To Burma

As a result, it was an unforgettable journey that I will keep for the rest of my life. Ready to make a trip to Myanmar? It's my old dream of this country if I miss my trip too much. Let me offer you a trip to Myanmar. Will I need a visa for my first trip to Myanmar?

a 4 day journey through majestic Myanmar

On this occasion I discovered Myanmar, a once powerful empire of early civilisation in Southeast Asia. I have always wanted to see Bagan in the flesh for the only reasons I chose to go to Myanmar. This is one of the most picturesque levels in the whole wide globe, where over 2000 shrines and palagodas existed for centuries.

As far as the eyes can see, the churches and palaces extend. It was an unforgettable journey that I will keep for the remainder of my Iife. Arrival in Mandalay, Myanmar around midday. By motorbike to Golden Palace Abbey (Shwenandaw Kyaung), a magnificent tea kloster, the only remaining preserved part of the Mandalay Palace during the Second World War.

Experience the sunset on Mandalay Hill and walk back to Mandalay Palace and the motel to get ready for the early dawn sun. In a few afternoons, my leader of the walk (motorcyclist) took me to Mahamuni Buddha Temple to see the Mahamuni Buddha picture, which is very revered and important to many Myanmarites.

We then headed to Legaing Hill to reach the town of sagaing and the Irrawaddy Riviera from the top of the hills. Then we went for an hours to a very secluded convent, the Bagaya convent in Inwa, Myanmar. It is one of the best places on Mandalay, so make sure you visit the cloister.

We drove back to the airfield after a whole full sunshine and took a plane to Bagan. Arriving in Bagan, I purchased an archeological $25 worth of tickets (and immediately dropped them, more on that later:() and then took a free shuttle from the airfield from my motel to Nyuang U. Since it was raining quite a lot, I finally ended the afternoon and went to explore the old town of Bagan in the early mornings.

On another early breakfast I awoke at 5 o'clock, hired a bicycle from the motel and drove to the first sanctuary, Shwe Zi Gon. As there are more than 2000 monasteries to discover, I cycled all over Nyuang U, Old Bagan and New Bagan all the time.

It' been a long journey, but it was rewarding. When I had fulfilled my dreams of cycling in Bagan, I went back to the motel, slept and prepared for my leaving for the day. I took an early plane back to Mandalay and then back to Bangkok to finish my journey in Myanmar. I' m driving through Bagan without sensing risk.

And so I continued to play and leave a bicycle open and went to a cemetery. I was still on the motorcycle when I got back. There are some Buddhist monasteries in Bagan that have a passageway that will take you to the top of the sanctuary. When you cycle in Bagan (what you should), you should take a card with you.

Do not hire a rented automobile or horse-drawn carriage for your journey through Bagan. Walk with a conventional or an electric bicycle. Generally, every transport that you take possession of the vehicule because there are many places that are not shown on the card and you can see these concealed gemstones that are available only by cycling.

You' ll get a much better price if you change your US dollar at the Kyatt banks than at the airports or your accommodation. When you visit Bagan, remain in Nyuang U. They are much less expensive and you can see the local people much more than in the area of Old Bagan or New Bagan.

Nyuang U and Bagan are not far away and can be cycled. There are ups and downs on the street, and you can stop at the shrines along the way to regain your temper. Now you are ready for the journey of a lifetime! When I got to Mandalay, I went to the AirMandalay bureau to pick up and payment for my pre-booked Bagan home bus fare, which I had to use the next morning.

Apparently Mandalay International Airport is 40 min from the town. When I was in the back, an AirAsia representative came up to me and asked me to ride through Mandalay the next ore. The next morning at 5am in front of my motel ("Hotel Yadanarbon").

The room and the services at the Yadanarbon were really impressive. This is the perfect place for anyone looking for a beautiful Mandalay-journey. A motorcyclist I rented from the motorbike from the motorbike to the Golden Palace Monastery (Shwenandaw Kyaung) for 800 kyat (US$0.8) each way.

It is the only surviving part of the castle that was rebuilt after the destruction of most of it in the 2nd century BC. To be honest, I rather like those tea temple more than the gold pagoda you see all over Myanmar. Before I went to Mandalay, I thought I'd speak to her and expect to share a few courtesies.

In Mandalay (Inwa) and Bagan, too, could be visited by many people. The next stop was Mandalay Hill. Up Mandalay Hill I took a motorbike and expected to ascend a few hundred stairs, but the rider let me fall by the moving stairs. I was told by Valérine to go back to the Mandalay Hill to see how the natives lived, and I did.

When I was running through Mandalay Palace for an entire an hour, I saw this little gal who was running on a pavement with his sis. This little interactivity with the natives made my journey so unforgettable. Lovely sundown at the Mandalay Palace. I broke down in the motel after a 2h walk and finished my first outing in Myanmar.

After waking up at 4:30am my rider was there at 5am on schedule. 30 minute ride from the airport we reached the U Bein Break, the longest teen chain link in the game. Next we went to sayaing hill. They are not exactly one of a kind for Mandalay.

As we had a lot of spare minute, my rider said he would take me to Inwa. The Bagaya Convent in Inwa took almost an hours to get to, but it was a worthwhile journey. The majority of the monasteries we visited were his ideas and he should have informed me about the rise in prices beforehand.

AirMandalay took me from Mandalay and within 30 min I was welcomed on this wonderful plane of Bagan. "At last the climax of this journey has come, I thought to myself. Nyuang U International Airports. We arrive at the New Park Hôtel. This was one of the best services I had for a $30 per overnight stay in a top class city.

I was asked at the front desk for the archeological tickets, and this was the first one in my whole lifetime that I immediately dropped them. Only a ten-minute ride from the airfield, and I dropped the goddamn tick. After waking up very early, I hired a bicycle and drove around Nyuang U. My first stop was the Shwe Zi Gon Bud.

It' just a gold coupe, the kind you see all over Myanmar. Those sanctuaries aren't on the menu I purchased, but they're just as breathtaking. Several of them are deeply in the jungles and you wouldn't have realized it if you hadn't been riding a bicycle. But I can't emphasize how important it is to cycle in Bagan.

When you' re here, hire a bicycle! And I felt like I was Indiana Jones and I explored these ancient prodigal cemeteries. In most of the secluded sanctuaries I visited, there was no one around. It was one of the nearest large Buddhist monasteries near Nyuang U. I found this small secluded sanctuary that I had all to myself.

There was also a passageway up to give me an idea of the extent of Bagan. If you are here in Bagan, keep an eye on these hidden passageways and you may be awarded with a reward that not many will see. A few hrs exploration of the surroundings of Bagan, I eventually reached the Old Bagan area.

You can see the views in Old Bagan were fucking amazing! In the midst of nowhere I was stranded in the sunshine, but I was still thankful. The funniest thing I've experienced in years is being stuck in Bagan. Here is the last of the temples I went to, the Sulamani temples, before returning to the motel, packaged and prepared for departure the next ore.

So I took an early plane to Mandalay and I went back to Bangkok. This is the end of the forth record in my Myanmar travel diary. Bagan was by far the most amazing place I have ever seen after 3 nights in Myanmar. Feeling free from cycling and the mere number of chapels to be explored, it's difficult not to be like the adventuresome Indiana Jones who explores the mysterious passageways in missing wards.

Hopefully you liked the article and if you would like to come to Myanmar and learn more about it, please twitter me or write a review.

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