My Trip to Burma

To Burma

This is a brief overview to help you plan your trip. Due to the continuing political situation, it was hardly exposed to tourism. It was definitely one of my best travel experiences. I've asked myself a lot of questions: How will it be?

Straight back from 14 workdays in Burma........... Insight from my trip - Myanmar Forum

Hi, just thought to give back to this Forum as many peoples were helping me out when I was planning for this trip. Though I began to plan about 6-8 month before my trip, but did not really begin to book until 3 month in advance. a.... This was my first trip to Southeast-Asia and while I was cost-conscious, I wasn't necessarily on a budgeted outfit.

I' m going to jump over the usual travel journal style, as many of my friends are posting detail, instead I want to tell you things I'd like to know before I went on the trip. Beginning from above - The best part of my journey was the TREK. It is really the most private and intense thing that can be communicated to the Burmese in my experience.

MoeMoe works mainly with Mynamar Shalom. I' d tell you to get Sammy to make a reservation right away and make sure you get MoeMoe as your leader. He' s made our journey!! Moe Moe made our TREK the most unforgettable travel adventure we ever had. When you are trekking, leave Kalaw and spend 2 days.

During the first morning TREK is not so touristy - many people only spend one evening, so the first evening you are completely alone - we have not seen a visitor - in contrast to days 2, when there were large groups. It turned out that there were almost no errors on our whole trip.

At Bagan I accidentally went into small live cabins and feral hounds became very agressive..... frightening! The hardest part of my trip was staying here for three days. Wish I was clever enough to keep on the pond. It' s a magic sea - the town is not..... Get rid of the big temple quickly - it's crowded with tourist and the natives are constantly harassing you for people.

I was the only place where I felt like a wandering billfold - a horrible experience. They can get wandering the streets and many other monasteries and their magic..... really astonishing to do sunsets and sunrises..... No matter what you do - don't remain in the new bagan if you can do it.

Legendary bagan is magic - New bagan seems a little preoccupied and away from it all. As the Tharbar Gatehotel is the best place to be, you can reach all the stops on foot. It is very darkness at nights and not pleasant to cycle or go on foot. I wish I had known Sankar is a sparse journey and lasts most of the time one of the days.

I' d have chosen a place nearer this end of the lakes. You' ll probably want to be on the water for 2 full nights (1 to Sankar) (Another Sea Trip and Inedin). I was astonished at why folks were running out of town. The best place was to go to a trader, because all the activity is right behind the motel, where I would be staying in a beat with them.

Oh, I was very fond of the place. The East is also nearby and is a cheaper one. You want to remain here. Uncertain why folks would be paying so much to be there?

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