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Myanmar Travel

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Myanmar 10 Diary | Travel Diary

Leaving Hong Kong early in the mornings, I took the A11 to the airfield and waved Rob out the sash. 7 sabbaticals alone in Southeast Asia, beginning with 10 nights in Myanmar? Obviously the worid is big, but it is also small (and Hong Kong even smaller).

And I was grateful for a traveling mate for the first batch over the rim. After arriving in Yangon at about 1 pm there, eventually in Myanmar on the first stage of my Southeast Asia tour. On my way to my first hotel, the suitably called Traveller's House, sitting in the back of a cab, I looked out the windows at the dust roads, the dark lush vegetation and the old abandoned old farmhouses that seemed to be devoured by him.

It was not the dozy Buddha civilization I had imagined, but a gravelly civilization full of noises, billowing cars, masses of people and odd odors rising from peddlers. Mee Sae pasta salad, please," I squealed, still in my travel clothing, and sweated in the morning sundown.

Mee Sae pasta salad was amazingly good; thin pasta and chickens in a flavorful groundnut gravy and a deal for only 1,000 Myanmar kyats (that's less than $1). On my way to Shwedagon Paya, a memorial I've owned since Myanmar arrived on my travel radars.

Hanging around the doorway, I hoped to see my fellow traveler by chance (not knowing there were four independent entrances). But to offend the wound after not meeting my boyfriends, I found that I couldn't buy a lunggyi (Burmese kilts or skirts carried by men and women) because I didn't have enough money with me.

The second full moon in Yangon, I chose to take the round trip through the town, which lasts about three inches. This was not the hop-on-hop-off event I was used to in Hong Kong, but it was for good folks to watch, and it was interesting to see how the natives like.

When the march turned on the edge of Yangon, it became clear why Myanmar is known as one of the impoverished nations of Southeast Asia and the rest of the poor. Even more unforgettable was the meeting with a native on the way to the railway depot.

At first I rejected the paranoiac single traveler, but he persisted in assisting me to find the railway platform entry via a viaduct. I was in Yangon for how long? Said the hotshots going up in Bagan at sundown. Then I disbanded and made up my mind that I cannot expect every individual I met on my journey to try to assault me, even if I am wary of traveling alone.

I don't know, maybe I'll try one out,' I smiles as we reach the train terminal and thanks for his help. With that, he ditched me at the train stop, confused and looking for the ticketing counter. Taking the night coach from Yangon to Mandalay, I expected the worst, but the trip lasted only nine of the approximate twelve hour' trip, plus tooth brush, tooth paste, damp cloth, bottles of bottled mineral waters and a bedcloth.

Arrived in Mandalay and staying at my Four Rivers B&B, I chose to cycle around the town. Obviously I hadn't considered the peak traffic and had no clue what I had gotten myself into when I was riding in Burma. Mandalay, similar to Yangon, is not the quiet monastic town I imagined, but an even bolder, filthier and more frantic town.

But when I saw the Mandalay Palace site, I was once again amazed. That should be the topic of my Mandalay day; I discovered that there was nothing in my travel guides or on the detailled maps of my hostels or that it was where it should be.

That'?s Southeast Asia. So I ordered a lli, something I knew, and I knew that yogurt is good to keep my gastrointestinal system in check during a trip to Asia. By the time it reached the place, the cassia was more like a jar of Cottage cheeses swimming in the dishwasher. and I couldn't see the mustache brothers.

As they were eventually set free, the Brotherhood kept performing despite further arrest, but were said to do so only if they did not appear in Burmese (much to the contempt of two Brotherhood members who did not know English) and did their show for tourist only. So at one night show in Mandalay, they hit Myanmar's army regimes one by one and played for the tourist in the hopes that their votes would be heeded.

Lu Maw, a smoker in a necklace, was the stars of the show, which was performed by his sequinned woman and extended with slap-stick and a little history of the brother. In Myanmar, things are shifting and the countrys progress towards democratisation is sluggish.

Even more badly, I had a six-hour coach from Mandalay to Bagan that was as warm and inconvenient as it was. At noon I got to Bagan, but stayed the remainder of the night in my room at the Royal Bagan Hotel. So as not to be put off by a common cold, I decided to visit one of the most valuable places of Myanmar's patrimony and to go to sleep after almost 24h.

After surviving another nightly coach from Bagan to Yangon (hardly), I returned to town shortly before sunrise and tried to keep my eye open when I was checking into Backpacker B&B. But the climax of my daily came only for supper, after this year I had experienced another breathtaking setting sun over the Yangon River and the Sule Paya (another gold Stupa in Yangon, over 2,000 years old, which somehow landed in the midst of the most busy traffic circle of the city).

It didn't look like much, as the images will testify, but believe me when I say that this is the best kind of sherbet I've ever had outside Birmingham!

It was a tasty dish within a few moments, the chickens were tasty, and I was upset and shocked that I had only found this place on my last evening in Burma. He twitched his armpits with a smile, with the quiet non-chalance that can only be found in Asia. I knew then that I was prepared to say good-bye to Myanmar and move on to the next land on my shortlist, Laos.

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