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The muse definition

I have found my muse for the new style I want to try! Fetch a My Muse mug for your dog Georges. Muses were considered beautiful and striving for artistic vision, which means that artists regarded them as role models for their art. Being called someone's muse can mean that you are that person's inspiration to do something or be motivated. Forms of words: Muses, contemplative, contemplative.

transitive verb/intransitive verb.

And what does it mean when someone says, "You are my muse"?

You are so pretty, graceful or outstanding in his view, that you get their rather high esteem and adoration and thus see you as "their muse". I have experienced with loving and imaginative work that the lover is more a diversion than an source of source of inspiration.

It' a nice complement, as the other responses explain with eloquence. However, I still urge a certain degree of prudence. The muse is an inspirational, a sparkling, a flame that sets fire to a cause for life, or a vivid work. One individual says that you promote their creativeness and productiveness when they tell you that they are their muse.

Muses were regarded as handsome and striving for artistry, which means that the artist regarded them as role model for their work. If you are someone's muse, it can mean that you are that person's inspirational to do something or be inspired. It' a tribute and this individual senses that you are his source of inspiration. What do you mean?

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