My Maid is an Amorphous Blob

The maid is an amorphous blob.

All I saw were amorphous spots of colour that slowly turned and increased my nausea. Tagged as "My maid is an amorphous blob". The Maid is an Amorphous Blop Section 1 It' s been a long goddamn long since we actually published anything, so we chose to start 2016 with something special: the first section of My Maid is an amorphous blob! It is a lightweight novel that we have chosen to work on because it seemed easy and fun enough.

It also has other titles, especially My Maid is a Formless Entity. They can even see the first section about Baka-Tsuki here. ETA of section 2 will not yet exist, considering how long it took. Insufficient exposure. Includes the overall presentations, paragraphs and English language styles.

We' ve studied the many varieties of styles, punctuations and gremmaticals that occur in text sections and have come to the following conclusion: there is not a singular, firm one. This results in something like a mixture of American and British English - the notation is that of American English, but the use of simple quotes to indicate an express dialog comes from British English.

I am therefore sure that you will come across something that could be better redrafted with the English version of your own national. That goes back to our inexperience. You' ll see this when you are reading the sections somewhat segmentated, and there is a clear shortage of concurrent activity and dialog within a word.

While we can try to make it a modification to give the reader a sleeker readability, this goes far beyond the face value of the text; it wasn't something we were ready for. Since this set is loose on Lovecraft's doctrine, there will no doubt be some indications of it.

This is an evident error for those who are used to the Lovecraft teaching. When you want to accuse someone of not following the tradition, you are blaming the writer. Finally, there are many links to IRC things in this section. At the end of this section we have put together a section with comments to highlight some of the things that have been discussed, especially those related to the cultural aspect.

This is our first lighting novel again, even if it is not exactly outstanding, we are hoping that you can really appreciate it.

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