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????????? ?? . I' m Burmese and I bought this book to cook my country's food. Myanmar Traditional Food - Burmese Restaurant. I read I wasn't expecting a good meal in Burma.

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Didn't think he'd get a good meal in Burma. I found the opposite after spending 5 week and having eaten in different places. When you are used to Thai food, the food here is a little different. Just a few basic trimmings well-prepared. It' a little camebodian.

For me it was food I hadn't had enough of. A few basic seafood meals were great, somehow you always got a small dish of delicious sop. Just plain lettuce. Sprinkle over small sunflower seeds, then serve with lemon and a little bit of seafood sauces.

Myanmar vegetarian food guide

Burma is a food paradise for vegetarianism. Myanmar cooking serves a range of meatless and totally tasty cuisines. Miss Filatelista, an herbivore and traveller from around the world, describes some of her favourite foods she has found on her travels through the various states of Myanmar. Keep in mind that the Ta Ioo La means that this veggie and Fat Ma Sa Bou says to the grocer that you don't want to feed on beef.

I began my veggie food training in Myanmar when I was on Sa Ba Street Food Tours in Yangon. I have received kind inquiries from my travel agent, Mi Mi Mi, to ensure that the meals do not contain animals by-products for me and to explain which meals contain traditional meats. I was able to go on a rewarding trip through Myanmar by studying the rope of locals' cuisine.

Myanmar lettuce is unlike anything you've ever had! Burma is one of the few places in the country where tealeaves are consumed. It' made from plucked tealeaves, roasted mungos, cloves of clove, spices and peanuts. Others delicious cabbage salad are toohu, myine kwa ouet (pennywort), gingerbread (ginger, lemon, butterfruit (avocado) or karyanchint sheet (tomato).

They are on the menus of most teashops and places offering Myanmar cuisine. Do not ask for seafood sauces or small roasted prawns. Pasta can be eaten all over the countryside and is cooked in infinite varieties of dried, roasted or soaked. The most are ready to order, especially at roadside booths, so you can customise your meal to avoid any meats and in your favourite stoppings of roasted garlic, sesame seeds, coriander, chilli, tofus, scalli and more in.

This pasta is especially tasty because it is coated with a smooth golden toffu made from pea and not soy beans! A pasta meal is another great interpretation, presented in a creamy and aromatic chocolate cake. A lot of Myanmar delicacies are available to meet any vegetarian's whim. I love the baked beef crisps in a savoury tamarindsauce.

Others roasted treats are baked beanpaste, beans, potato and more, garnished with a delicious chilli dressing. In Myanmar samosas are usually always vegetable and can be eaten as either a fresh or dried one. The Lann ta ye mint is similar to an India dosage - it is a thin crust of chick peas, onion, vegetables and cloves of cumin.

Which vegetables have you tasted in Myanmar?

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