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Mawlamyine, my city café

Go to My City Café, order a special from Yar Zar and discover that you have just tasted the best coffee in the world. Mawlamyine Picture: Afterwards we enjoyed the meals at the night market, My City Cafe and Pon Ngy. The roof terrace of the Misfit Cafe is the perfect place to observe the world. That was the highlight of my time in Myanmar.

Restaurants in Mawlamyine

Myanmar is the state of Mon's main city. George Orwell described his Myanmar period in his" shoot an elephant et cetera" essays in Myanmar. So this is the menu of places to eat when you are in Mawlamyine. It is a well-known place among tourists.

Its cuisines are from Europe, Asia and China. Adress of the place is Baho Road, Sitkei Quarter, Mawlamyine. I recommend My City Cafe if you want to try the variety of dishes in the same place. The cafe serves pasta from Italy, Japan, Shan, Myanmar tradition and dessert.

This means that you have many choices for eating. It' s situated at the Jetty Road, Sitka Quarter, Mawlamyine. The May South India Chetty food is a good option if you are looking for the exquisite India dishes in Mawlamyaing. You will find the adress of the restaurants at the edge of Strand Road and Main Ka Lay Kaung Street.

If you want to enjoy the night life in Ola La Café & Bar. We are located on the Strand Rd. next to the Ngwe Moe Hotel in Mawlamyine. Bone Gyi( monk) restaurants offer Thai, Mandarin and regional dishes. You can find the place on promenade 1-B, Mawlamyine.

If you want to try the regional food, you must be there. Meal is made from locally grown products and 100 per cent organically grown. The Pao Mon is the Mon women organisation's work. It' a great place to try the locals cooking. It' s on Myaing Thar Yar Road.

Accommodation in Mawlamyine is available at the Jovago Myanmar website.

I' m at City Cafe Mawlamyine.

Before the monsoon rain, we camped on the beach and cooked our own tasty pasta cuisine. As we left, we had a heated debate about whether we should keep the almost full, tasty sake that had treated our gustatory nerves. Both of us were in agreement that it would be a great egg because we would be saving about $4 if we didn't have to buy a new one if we had the opportunity to pep up our noodles.

So, back to the opening of this last piece of lush vegetarian suitcase, Micka was struck with a scent reminiscent of a warm, roasted pasta with soya that had been steamed for too long in a wooden box in the heatsun! For the first we had a bathtub with a removable showershowerhead, with which we could swab and soften everything.

After 4 nights in Dawei, we left enough drying space to get the content of the case out ( (which turned out to be hard due to the continuous rain). Mika had a soccer match locally, of course in the pelting rains. It was a wonderful drive to Ye, following the lovely river Dawei, meandering around the bottom of the mountain and crept through towns that obviously hadn't seen many'white foreigners'.

This example, which I will be explaining in a moment, will occupy a particular place in our hearts for a long while. As we approached a small town, we saw a lovely, tranquil store on the side of the road that seemed to be serving a tasty Myanmar pasta that we had tasted the previous ore.

While we were there, occupying our environment, a little maiden, probably about three years old, came to the solitary desk in front of us to watch these alien bodies (us). As we were totally absorbing from this weird kind of communications that took place between us and the little girls, we were listening to songs from across the street.

Soon we found out it was the city' s high schools, and soon after they just halted for noon. When a group of pupils went to their seemingly indigenous "lunch café", a courageous young woman called her boyfriends to cross the street, with strange-looking whites seated here having their pasta.

In a few moments the little three-year-old woman was moved backwards when we were encircled by gorgeous teenager ladies who wanted to sit in the front line to see those aliens who had just fallen from Mars! After they all ordered their pasta, without any kind of gesture, there was an overload of giggling and timid glances.

Trying to talk to these pupils, a courageous young woman came along who could hear and talk a little English. As the high scholastic gals were forced to go back to grade grudgingly, the three-year-old woman took her place in the front rows again. Here we have seen another group of people approach.

They were much younger and of different sex this year. Within a few seconds we were again circumnavigated by a group of pupils who were much younger this year. On this occasion I had made my preparations and distributed the colorful pens I had bought at home. Soon I tore some of my journal and we spend the next 30 min to draw images for these kids, who had to figure out what the images were, and astonishingly they could record these items in almost imperfect manuscript and written English!

I and Micka were amazed at these kids and the happiness it gave them and us as we sat there and drew images on a sheet of empty sheet of cardboard under the canopy of the midday coffee shop where we stop. That little gal described in our tale sits in the front rows.

Enclosed by the native children who paint paintings and write words in German. We arrived in Mawlamyine this afternoons with the help of a small elevator and were welcomed by the sandalwood hotel's welcoming team. When Micka was a little better last night, we thought it was good for him to extend his thighs.

Taking the bicycles with us, we visited the Kyaik-Than-lan Pagoda, built in 875 A.D. We also found a west graveyard and saw tombs from 1845. It is like a zeitkapsel, with old colorful and eastern houses all around the street, horses and carts usually knocking on past stands full of traders like forges and woodcarvers practicing their craft.

Except for the installation of signposts and stores on the city' s facade, it is still very much in existence, as in the last two or three hundred years and beyond. It' s a disgrace that the disease has spoiled our times here, because we will probably recall the disgusting scent of some roads and filthy home smells.

Horses and carriages roam the roads of Mawlamyine. We have become regular guests after a break at our favorite coffee shop in Mawlamyine `My City' Cafe, which offers some tasty burger and pasta, not the kind of food I know, but if your hunger is minimum and many other possibilities only help to exacerbate your sickness.

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