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Sign in to "My AMA", your special portal of the American Management Association. Now you can change your email settings, update your information and much more from your AMA online account. AMA: my new short film: " Ama" is a silent movie. Choose a country for the AMA process:

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Refresh, Track Reward Dollars and more from wherever you are on whatever equipment. Take advantage of some of our most favourite features, anywhere, at any time. Do most of the things related to your subscription in your on-line bankroll - renewal, review invoice histories, adding members to your member list, updating coverages and more. Now you can extend your subscription on line, simply enter your personal details and we will post your label to you.

No matter whether you need a towing service, a booster or are barred from your car, you can see from your on-line bankroll how long the waiting periods for service are in your area. We recently formed a partnership with Pizza 73 to offer you great cost saving when ordering through your on-line bankroll.

Now you can modify your e-mail settings, refresh your information and much more from your AMA on-line bankroll. Simply download your Esso Cards or Ultimate Dining Cards from your on-line bankroll, or log in for automatic reloading to adjust and forgetting it.

What do I do to delete or delete members of my extended group? - Alberta Motor Association

Anytime you can register your AMA Online account with your relatives in your home. When you are signed in, go to the "Manage Membership" section under My Member to list your people. We ask you for the name and date of birth of your member of the host families. Please note: The proportionate amount for your member's subscription is displayed on the payments page.

When you add a Kids Go Free member for members under 15 years of age, the main member must have Plus cover or higher. Or you can cancel or reduce your members' insurance cover at any moment by phoning 1-800-222-6400 or attending an AMA center. What can I do to change my AMA subscription when I renew my AMA now?

AMA Insurance | My Account

I have an email address and my bank details are a convenient way to get your information, administer it and make payment. That' s why we made it easier for you to get and maintain your bank information and make payment. You can do this with My Account: Registration for My Accounts is straightforward. The only thing you need to specify is your full name, as it will appear on your invoice or insurance certificate, and your postcode.

You can still make your payment via our website or by telephone and do not need to register in My Account. If you click on "Next" below, you will be removed from the website of AMA Insurance Agency, Inc.

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