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ustique Airways is an airline based in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. Contact information and fleet for MUSTIQUE AIRWAYS. CAPA's Premium Airline Profiles combine our news, data and analysis to provide you with everything you need to know about Mustique Airways. E-mail Mustique Airways at

The Mustique Airways fleet details and information.

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Is it correct that when using Mustique Airways we are weighted together with the baggage? I' ve been flying them many a time and have never been weighted, they often ask about your body mass when they fill out the reservations paper. SVG Air also asks for your own body count when you book.

All in all, they are humans, they are small airplanes, and the rules of aviation are such that they have to think about the load mass, and that is also the load mass, so humans who carry weights are part of the formula, regardless of whether it is "fat" or whatever, so it is.


This brief 30-minute trip offers a breathtaking view of the Grenadine Islands. In the high seasons, there are also extra connections from Barbados. All efforts are made to co-ordinate charters as closely as possible to alighting time. Where possible, the airport's departure options will be increased to allow for intercontinental services.

Before you book your internacional travel, we suggest that you consult your reservations representative for further information and uptime. Notice: All fares include taxes and petrol, as well as round trip with a capitation fee of $20 US per person and $10 US per person. Fares are dependent on changes in season and cost of fuels, and air travel time may vary.

We recommend that you discuss the prices with your agents at the moment of reservation. Returns should be confirmed 24 hrs before flight departures with the reservation desk and check-in is 1 hr before flight departures. The company plans regular additional services on heavily frequented holidays to satisfy customer demands. Chartering for this personal and exclusiv transfers to Mustique is available to The Mustique Company Owned Airline, Air Adelphi's Twin Otter Aircraft clients.

Depending on the airplane availabilty. When making your reservation, please consult your agents to make an enquiry. Part of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, a current pass and passports must be presented on your flight to meet customs and immigration requirements. If you need further information about your visit, please do not hesitate to ask your reservation manager.

Where possible, the airport's departure options will be increased to allow for intercontinental services. In Mustique, one of the many pleasures of a holiday is that you really only need to have a few flip-flops and a pair of sarongs. Unfortunately, due to air security regulations and limitations on baggage weights, it is not always possible to accommodate over- or over baggage on full fligths, but our groundhandling personnel will make sure that the baggage is carried on the next available service.

Please send an email to for air traffic and reservation.

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