Must try Dish in Myanmar

Dish must try in Myanmar

Near htamin's main ingredients: turmeric rice and fish. It' Myanmar's national dish. Noodles are not only available in Shan state, and the dish is a national favourite.

Have to try 5 different meals in Burma (Myanmar). - Portraying a female Englishman abroad

I' ve long been intrigued by the concept of traveling to Myanmar (or Burma, as I often and less often call it political ), and after a fabulous 4 day in Yangon I burst to tell you about some of my recent findings! That Mohinga is the Myanmar breakfasts of the day and after grinding a dish of this extraordinary pasta dish on my first day in Yangon, I can certainly see why.

Slice of thin pasta is cooked in a spicy lemon grass and turmeric stock that has been concentrated with riceflour and chickpeas, together with pieces of cod (most often catfish), peas and in many cases cooked eggs and sliced seafood. Because of the light spiciness of the stock next to the greasy seafood and the crispy peas crumbs, this dish is a true blast for the gustatory nerves and I would love to enjoy it again and again.

While Shan is used in many of Burma's food, it is interesting to know that the so-called "tofu" is actually made from cracked pea and chickpeas meal blended with watermelk, as distinct from soymilk, as is the case with Chinese-Japanese toffu. Warm Shan To Hpu Nway or Warm Shan toffu was my favorite dish, where the To Hpu Nway is blended to a smooth polenta-like texture and serves on pasta with chili olive and roasted cloves of apples, chopped pea and walnuts or pig meat or chickens.

I have tasted the leafs in their most frequent form: Lahpet Tohk, where they are processed into a lettuce with roasted grains of lettuce, roasted cloves of cloves of garlic, chopped beans, groundnuts, uncooked kale and ripe sliced tomatoes in lettuce and a dash of seafood gravy.

It is immediately invigorating and invigorating - no wonder, considering that it is caffeinated and stimulating - and like the other above mentionned Myanmar meals it is the contrast in texture and flavour that make this dish so interesting. The other pasta dish is Shan Khao Swè or Shan noodles and while these are consumed in different ways, it was the pasta gruel I had the most to enjoy as a dried pasta lettuce with stock on the side or with a seasoned olive flavor.

The rice pasta is prepared in a tasty stock of chickens or pigs - according to the variant you order - with blended seasonings and a little tomatoes next to green mustards and your favourite meats with a spread of boiled pigskins and almonds. The last thing I chose for Must Try Doishes is a little cheating - I chose to call it just Peace Things, as you can find vendors at most places who sell a range of roasted treats to eat; from Shan chick peas tofus dices to chopped peas rolls, sliced peas, India foods like veadai, banda and samosas - here in a tender lettuce with chick peas and herb - and served as a samosan salad in a delicate dressingbag.

I' m sure the best thing is the samossa lettuce, peas buns and Shan flat cake - which are your favourite fries? For more information on Myanmar cuisine, I strongly suggest you get a copy of the" Noodle", a recipes manual devoted to pasta in its many shapes (including shan pasta, as noted in this article) from the bright MiMi Aye.

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