Must see places in Myanmar

Has to see places in Myanmar

For sightseeing in Myanmar (Burma), ask your expert about our tailor-made tours. Mt Popa is another must on your trip to Myanmar. High-ceilings, teak floors and hand-carved. It is an ancient city in central Myanmar, formerly known as Burma. It opens up to international tourism and gives people the opportunity to see traditional Myanmar.

Has to see places in Myanmar

Bagan Balloon - Imagine you sit on a sanctuary, also known as a coupe, in Bagan, an old town in Myanmar. When the first rays of sunshine appear on the skyline, the rising daylight reveals a scenery that hardly does anything for it. The area is surrounded by tens and tens of thousand sanctuaries, and far in the faraway, warm bubbles begin to soar.

In Southeast Asia, there's nothing crazier than the balloons over Bagan. Burma is a land over the north of Thailand. Myanmar was the sixth stop on our backpacking tour of Asia and yes, we were expecting to see beaut, but what our eye had seen so far was difficult to surpass.

From Yangon we took an 8-hour overnight coach to the Bagan archeological site. Be sure to have $20 in hard currency, which is even necessary to get into the area, as you don't want to be stranded outdoors at 4am. However, the true charm of Bagan happens in the early mornings.

As we drove down a poorly illuminated road to one of the high rafters, we walked up four steps, stood directly on the stony cupola of the shrine and began to await. It was shining from the sky as the balloon inflated and rose in the faraway.

It is almost not possible to try to capture the sensation of being on a thousand-year-old sanctuary and to hover hot-air bombs over the brightly coloured skies over more than 2000 sanctuaries.

Sights in Burma

When you think of Myanmar, consider the line of Rudyard Kipling, which sheds candlelight on the monstrosity of the state. Regarded as the gold lands with an enrichening cultural and rich legacy, the splendour of Myanmar's sights leaves a lasting impression in your memory. You will be interested in the fascinating facts of this countryside and 2500 years old Buddha school.

Myanmar's sights are sure to delight you with a wide range of leisure activities and a variety of touristic places that are solely attractiven. Formally known as the Union of Myanmar, it is the biggest south-east Asian nation by geographic area on the continent. Myanmar, also known as Burma, has an Indian civilization that is a one-of-a-kind blend of cultures and societies from neighbouring countries such as India, Laos, China, Thailand and Bangladesh and glamour.

It is a place of Buddha Schools, monuments and cultural monuments, also known for the Kaba Aye Basilica devoted to the cause of international serenity. Further attractions are the Sule-Pagode, the Chauk-Htat-gyi-Pagoda, the National Museum, the Bogyoke Aung San (Scott) Market and the town' s former settlement-building.

The Yangon as the centre is actually the right place from which to take a trip to the other sights in Myanmar. Apart from the fact that Thanlyin & Kyauktan was a strategic economic harbor during the period of Portugal's rule, the Kyaik Khauk Pagoda is a must in Myanmar.

You can also explore the Kyaik-hmaw-wun Mid-stream pit, 15 km due north of Thanlyin. Myanmar has everything from wool weavers, potteries and countless coupons throughout the land to the mystical towns with their mystical ethnical flair and powerful archeological places. You can also see the Kyaikhtiyo (Golden Rock), a world-famous mountain peak in the Kyaikhto area.

It' an important touristic area in Myanmar. Mandalay, the famous town boasting magnificent Buddhist chests, is an astonishing place to see the charming Mandalay mound, the Mya-nan-san-kyaw Golden Palast and the Muhamunu image of Buddha. To get to know the real Myanmar civilization, you' ll need to explore the antique towns around Mandalay, which are also some of the sights in Myanmar.

And if you are still curious about the arts, then go to northern Shan states like Lashio and Thibao. Archeological places like Bagan, MT Popa, Myakhtila, Solay etc. are also great places for tourists. Although Yangon is Myanmar's largest RGN airfield. There are some round-trip connections, but it is better to fly to Myanmar via Bangkok, as you will have many options in this case.

Burma has an expansive railway system that takes you to various locations throughout the state. There' s no such thing as an intergalactic platoon in Myanmar. Busses: Various kinds of busses are available to reach a number of locations within the state. Touristic attractiveness You have a number of places to go in Myanmar.

In addition to the capitol Naypyidaw, you can see other towns such as Yangon, Mandalay, Bago and Mawlamyine. A number of other locations such as Bagan, Inle Lake, Mount Popa, Kengtung, Kyaiktiyo, Mrauk U, Twante, Pyay and Ngapali etc. also exist. Sights in Myanmar : Kyaikhtiyo (Golden Rock),

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