Must do in Yangon

To be done in Yangon

Buddha is housed in a large shed. Note: As with other Buddhist religious sites, shoes are not allowed. Next to the Shwedagon Pagoda, what is your favorite attraction in Yangon? Yangon Circle Train offers visitors an easy, affordable and relaxing way to experience the places and sounds of local life in Yangon. The Yangon is a parade of noise, smells and colour.

Top 12 Activities in Yangon (Rangoon)

Although many believe that Yangon is the main town of Myanmar, it is not. It is by far the biggest town in the country. But Yangon is an exiting town with many things to do and see. Here you will find fashionable eateries, great rooftop patios, an deserted theme area and vibrant cityparks.

Tonight we are sharing the 12 Yangon attractions you should not miss! It' an essential. It has always been the focus of public interest in tales of Portuguese plunder, theft by the British and outrage. A visit to this place gives a great glimpse into Myanmar's turbulent past.

Free Yangon Walks organises free walks in Yangon town centre every Wednesday and Sunday. We start in Maha Bandula Park, opposite the large square, large square townhouse. The historical walkway was chosen to get to know the town and its story well on one of our first few day in Yangon.

The bike ride is perhaps the climax of our visit to Yangon. You will embark on an adventurous journey directly opposite the Great Yangon Canyon. In Dala, our happy leader tells us that there is still no flowing waters and many of us are living without power.

You' ll get a good look at what it' s like to live in Myanmar. Maha Bandula is a small urban garden in the centre of Yangon. Surrounding the garden are nice historical monuments. There is a day-to-day road fair on the eastern side, starting somewhere around noon. At Maha Bandula our favourite pastime is just to just sitting and relaxing and watching all the natives cross and play.

It is best to come in the evening when the locals are having a picnic or meeting their families. On the Yangon chart you will see a large bruise in the town. You must have crossed the river during your trip from the nearest airports or the biggest coach terminal.

Early in the evening, as the town begins to chill, several hundred Myanmar men and woman crowd the gardens to unwind on the small dyke full of palms and blossoms. It is a great place to shelter from the rays and admire the views over the sea.

When it comes to stylish and stylish dining, Yangon has a great deal to boast. It' s spread out with great roof bar and viewpoints. The gaze over the twinkling highlights of the town gives a better impression of the expanse of this metropolis. The best views are offered by the Esperado Lake Views Hotel.

It' a fancy place with no personality, but the views are amazing. You get a great look over Lake Kandawgyi and the remainder of Yangon. It is a magic sight due to the shining reddish skies, the glittering lights and the lighted Schwedagon-pagode. Here you can find old houses or places that have been deserted for years.

And Yangon has a very particular position. It' an empty theme area. It was established during the period of Myanmar imperial rule to show that beautiful things are going on in Myanmar. Grass, mosses, bushes and bushes are growing in and on derelict rides and eating stands. However, the most telling tale is that after the state' s independency, the owners left because the goverment could no longer provide financial assistance to its grounds.

This is the entry to the deserted theme area. As long as you act and don't mess up or take anything with you, they' re okay with you going into the gardens. Yangon is the right place for you! In the busy town centre there are various KTV (karaoke caf├ęs).

One of Yangon's most prestigious bars is the Voice Industry Family KTV on 48th St. Launched in The Great Garden Bars on seventeenth avenue, the new KTV cafe has a large roof top lounge where you can relax from your astonishing vocal aptitude. And if you like dining with the natives, BBQ St. on 19 St. is your spot.

It' a very bustling road that offers open-air seating and barbecue every single Friday evening. Most of the groceries you will find here will be meats or seafood, as you would expect from a road called'BBQ Street'. But as vegetarians we also succeeded in enjoying this living place.

A lot of tourists have found their way to the BBQ-road. Situated west of the road, near the famed The Strand Hotel Yangon, this square extends to the end of Strand Road. Night markets begin at 3 pm and end around 11 pm. So, go directly to the stands to buy tasty pasta, barbecued veggies and tasty fruitsnacks.

Round-trip trains are a means of transportation widely used by the natives. Trains travel in circles around the town in about 3h. It is a great way to explore Yangon and get to know the natives. It' probably not the most convenient way to move around the town, but it is certainly an adventure.

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