Must do in Myanmar

A must in Myanmar

Have a boat trip on Lake Inle. Hot air balloon ride in Bagan. Making Kawthaung your base for island hopping adventures. The best activities in Myanmar: You can now cross the borders to China and India, but you must register in advance.

The 10 most important activities in Myanmar

Burma is a wonderful 14-state nation that offers a wide range of traveler' recreational opportunities, from caving and river cruising to mountain tours. You will find below the top 10 suggested extracurriculars not to miss on your journey to Myanmar! Situated in Shan State in the east of Myanmar, Lake Inle is one of the country's most popular travel destination.

Once you have taken the ferry along Lake Inle, you can discover the area. Inle Lake area, other things to see and do are studying Khit Sunn Yin's craftroom, enjoying the Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda's beauties and play with the bouncing kittens at Nga Phe Kyaung Monastery.

Situated in the lower part of Myanmar, Kawthaung's secret beauty has recently been uncovered by locals. Kawthaung has since become a Myanmar hot spot for travelers as a basis for islands' shopping avenues. Recently the access to this hill has increased and since then the number of travelers has increased accordingly.

The ascent to the top of the hill will take about two to three hrs, but the breath-taking landscape from above will be definitely a reward. Burma has many beautiful sandy areas such as Chaung Thar, Ngwe Saung and Maung Ma Kan - but none of them can match the Ngapali beautym.

For Ngapali, travelers can take a plane to Thandwe airport. Ngapali Beach is already a beautiful beach, but it is also possible to take a brief cruise to Pearl Island and snorkell in unspoilt water. It is not for the nerves, as the place itself has a deep story of bad and poison.

There are even some caskets in the caves. According to legends, the corpses of the old saw wars (tribes) were laid to rest in this cavern many years ago. The Irrawaddy River runs through the length of Myanmar and there are several routes you can take to discover it.

Soak up the cold breezes of the luxury liner while immersing yourself in the deepest thoughts about the area and its past. Two Ka Bin Mountains is the highest peak in Kayin State and can be viewed as a daily excursion from Yangon. If you are not keen on the Zwe Ka Bin Mountains, we recommend exploring the various caverns in Hpa An.

Myanmar has five large caves: Saddan and Kaw-kun caverns, Ya-tayt-pyan and Ba-yint-nyi Caverns. They all have different experience - like boating in Saddan Cape, one-of-a-kind rock faces in Kaw-kun Cape and hotsprings in Ba-yint-nyi Age. Booking your Myanmar ticket and enjoying all these things during your visit!

In order to savour all three things he likes, he often goes to places where he can have new food and make new acquaintances. He has traveled a lot in Southeast Asia (Myanmar, Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam) and it doesn't make any difference if he has to go alone or with the group.

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